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1 What din­ing ad­vice did po­lice sergeant Guy Bald­win of­fer at 3am one night in 2009? 2 The “Curry Mile” — fa­mous for its Asian and Mid­dle East­ern res­tau­rants — is in what city? 3 What part of the an­i­mal are the sweet­breads? 4 “Good things come to those who wait” is a slo­gan for what drink? 5 The 1990 book White Heat helped cre­ate the cult of the celebrity chef. Who wrote it? 6 New Zealand’s first McDon­ald’s opened in 1976 — where? 7 What is of­ten called “Scot­land’s other na­tional drink”? 8 In The Lord of the Rings books and movies, who makes lem­bas bread? 9 Pikopiko is the Maori name for what tra­di­tional food? 10 Dag­wood, Elvis, muf­fuletta and hoagie are all what kind of food? An­swers be­low.

Sand­wiches. 10 shoots Fern 9 Elves 8 drink) soft a it’s( BruIrn- 7 Porirua 6 White Pierre Marco 5 Guin­ness 4 glands pan­creas or thy­mus The 3 Manch­ester 2 7) Ten Po­lice show TV the on( pie” the on blow Al­ways“1 AN­SWERS:

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