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1 In Coast”? what coun­try is the “Juras­sic 2 In Dame 1977-78, Naomi) Kiwi be­came Naomi fa­mous James for (later what feat? 3

The fea­tures most in un­pleas­ant what book Thomas by Charles Grad­grind Dick­ens?

4 The Maori al­pha­bet has five vow­els — and how many con­so­nants?

5 Saber­met­rics is the ap­pli­ca­tion of statis­tics to what ac­tiv­ity?

6 Ge­orge O’Dowd and what band have just re­leased their first al­bum in 19 years?

7 In the US, what is de­fined as “the Tues­day next af­ter the first Mon­day in the month of Novem­ber”?

8 What has been climbed via the Sheila Face, Linda Glacier, and Caro­line Face?

9 “As far as I know, it takes ef­fect im­me­di­ately, with­out de­lay” said Gunter Sch­abowski al­most 30 years ago, pre­cip­i­tat­ing what event?

10 What links: Rain; Lib­erty; and Sum­mer?

An­swers be­low. Joaquin). brother their and( Phoenix River late the of sib­lings They’re 10 Wall Ber­lin the of fall The 9 Cook MtAo­raki/ 8 Day Elec­tion 7 Ge­orge) Boy with( club Cul­ture 6 Base­ball 5 Ten 4 Times Hard 3 world the around solo Sail­ing 2 fos­sils) many its of be­cause named so Dorset, and Devon in( Eng­land 1 AN­SWERS:

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