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A ma­ter­nity group says in­fant for­mula should be re­stricted “more like pre­scrip­tion drugs”. Her­ald read­ers share their views.

De­siree Soo- Choon

Well that ma­ter­nity group needs to shut up. FED IS BEST. Not all moth­ers can pro­duce breast milk and some ba­bies are born al­ler­gic to breast milk. Stop sham­ing moth­ers who do what’s best for them­selves and their baby aka mak­ing sure they’re fed one way or an­other.

Karen- Leigh Green

I re­ally loathe the ar­ro­gance of the breast­feed­ing mafia. I had my chil­dren 30 years ago and try as I might, I couldn’t breast­feed. I see noth­ing has changed with the garbage that is spouted about for­mula here in Aus­tralia or NZ. I was even told breast is best by a mother smok­ing while she breast­fed. Let new moth­ers make their own choice. If for­mula was so bad, why do most ba­bies thrive on it and grow up healthy.

Shan­non Cooper

This makes me so un­be­liev­ably cross. Ab­so­lutely not. A fed baby is a fed baby . . . doesn’t mat­ter how it’s fed.

Gilda Kirkpatrick

Like new moth­ers haven’t got enough to deal with al­ready, now they should go through a com­pletely stupid process to keep their child alive. This ma­ter­nity group ob­vi­ously have no idea on what mother’s go through with new­born chil­dren. Just id­iot. PressReader. com + 1 604 278 4604 ORIG­I­NAL COPY . ORIG­I­NAL COPY . ORIG­I­NAL COPY . ORIG­I­NAL COPY . ORIG­I­NAL COPY . ORIG­I­NAL COPY

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