Steve Brau­nias’ Se­cret Di­ary of ... The Prime Min­is­ter’s mu­sic playlist

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Jacinda Ardern

The 15 songs I’ve cho­sen to mark New Zealand Mu­sic Month are all about mem­o­ries.

I re­mem­ber meet­ing Lorde at the mu­sic awards in Novem­ber last year. I said, “You’re amaz­ing.” She said, “No, you are.”

Dave Dob­byn was there, too. I said, “You’re amaz­ing.” He said, “No, you are.”

And then there was the time I met Don McGlashan. That was re­ally dif­fer­ent. I said to him, “You’re amaz­ing.” And he said, “Thanks.” I was just a stu­dent at the time.

Clarke Gayford

Ru­mours are run­ning wild about my role in Jacinda’s playlist. I heard them be­ing whis­pered be­hind my back all day long, and when I turned around, the room would go silent.

I ar­ranged a meet­ing with Po­lice Com­mis­sioner Mike Bush to lay the mat­ter to rest.

My lawyer Linda Clark came with me. She said, “The al­le­ga­tions are un­true and defam­a­tory.”

He said, “What al­le­ga­tions?”

She said, “The ones which are un­true and defam­a­tory.”

He said, “The old ones, you mean, or are there new ones?”

She said, “All the ones.”

It went back and forth like that for a while, with no­body pre­pared to lay their cards on the ta­ble.

Linda said, “Clarke, give me a mo­ment with Mike.”

I stepped into the cor­ri­dor. A cou­ple of of­fi­cers had been shar­ing a joke, but they stopped laugh­ing when they saw me. They moved off.

I stood there for a while but the si­lence was killing me. I was about go back into Mike’s of­fice, un­til I heard both of them laugh­ing at some­thing.

Yeah. At some­thing. Or some­one.

Denise L’Estrange-Corbet

Were the songs on Jacinda Ardern’s playlist ac­tu­ally made in New Zealand? Funny how no one ques­tions that — but in­stead ev­ery­one is happy to make wild ac­cu­sa­tions about the swing-tags on gar­ments sold at WORLD.

If the songs the Prime Min­is­ter chose were recorded in Bangladesh, but the price-tag sticker on the CD case was man­u­fac­tured at an ad­he­sive fac­tory in, say, Pen­rose, what does that make it?

It makes the tag made right here in New Zealand.

So for the mil­lionth time: the WORLD swing-tag is not mis­lead­ing. It’s a tag that the prices are put on to. The tag is made right here in New Zealand.

In­dus­try ex­perts have long praised the swing-tags at WORLD as among the world’s finest swing-tags. We had a world-fa­mous celebrity in our store this week — I won’t say who, but I think you can guess — and staff re­ported that she swooned at the sight of our swing-tags.

“I’ll have 300 of these swing-tags,” she said. I’m not go­ing to go into price but ob­vi­ously an or­der like that doesn’t come cheap. And who ben­e­fits? All of New Zealand — in­clud­ing the swing-tag com­mu­nity.

Hil­lary Clin­ton

I met Prime Min­is­ter of New Zealand Jas­mine Ardern this week.

She was quite fat.

I was shown into her of­fice.

It was quite small.

There was some aw­ful mu­sic play­ing on her com­puter.

“Turn that off,” I said.

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