Ren­ter bur­gled and re­fused in­sur­ance


An Auck­land woman claims her ren­tal home was bur­gled be­cause the win­dows didn’t close.

Kumeu res­i­dent Kathy Pear­son had been pay­ing $550 a week for her four-bed­room house.

The house had been bro­ken into twice, the first time in Oc­to­ber, and she blamed win­dow latches that wouldn’t shut.

Be­cause the win­dows were not se­cure, Pear­son’s in­sur­ance wouldn’t pay out for the stolen items.

So she used her rent money to pay for them in­stead.

She was only pay­ing $500 of the $550 she owed weekly since Fe­bru­ary 3.

‘‘I’m not hav­ing peo­ple walk all over me any­more,’’ she said.

The cost of re­plac­ing two tele­vi­sions, a cell phone and three com­put­ers was about $3000, Pear­son said.

The mother-of-two said in­sur­ance not pay­ing out was un­fair be­cause the bro­ken win­dow latches were not her fault.

She said there had been nu­mer­ous prob­lems with the prop­erty since mov­ing in with her two daugh­ters in July 2016.

Pear­son said the hot wa­ter cylin­ders leaked and dirt from the gut­ters ei­ther got blocked in the drain­pipe or fell into the wa­ter tank, con­tam­i­nat­ing her wa­ter sup­ply.

But land­lord Gor­don Kim said he did not un­der­stand Pear­son’s con­cerns and didn’t think there was any­thing wrong with the house. Pear­son owed him about $5000, Kim said.

The ‘‘extremely’’ vul­ner­a­ble state of ten­ants is noth­ing new, Auck­land’s Tenant Pro­tec­tion As­so­ci­a­tion says.

Land­lords had the mar­ket to­tally in their favour which made rent­ing a strug­gle for most peo­ple, the as­so­ci­a­tion’s chair­man Peter Klein said.

Pear­son said her land­lord did not main­tain the prop­erty as he was obliged to do un­der the Res­i­den­tial Ten­an­cies Act 1986.

The act said land­lords were re­spon­si­ble for pro­vid­ing and main­tain­ing locks nec­es­sary to en­sure premises were ‘‘rea­son­ably se­cure’’.

Pear­son said Kim re­placed the latches but they did not close the win­dow prop­erly.

She said Kim’s lack of re­sponse to the con­cerns she had raised to him were ‘‘re­ally rude’’.

But her ten­ancy trou­bles were com­ing to an end. Pear­son’s lease would end on July 16 and she said it wouldn’t be re­newed.


Kathy Pear­son with dog, Jock, has dealt with is­sues at her ren­tal prop­erty since she moved there in July 2016.

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