Abor­tion, eu­thana­sia


Up­per Har­bour can­di­dates Paula Ben­nett, James Good­hue, Jin An and Bruce Hay­cock have weighed in on eu­thana­sia and abor­tion.

In­cum­bent Na­tional Party MP Paula Ben­nett said both were ‘‘pre­dom­i­nantly health is­sues’’.

‘‘I am sup­port­ive of the cur­rent ap­proach of high-qual­ity pal­lia­tive care for those who are ter­mi­nally ill.’’

She said the is­sue of eu­thana­sia had been ‘‘very top­i­cal’’ re­cently, and she had an ‘‘open mind’’.

The Green Party’s James Good­hue shared a sim­i­lar safe­guard view.

He said he sup­ported ‘‘med­i­cally-as­sisted dy­ing’’ – pro­vided ‘‘spe­cific safe­guards’’ were met.

Good­hue said the Green Party sup­ported ‘‘de­crim­i­nal­is­ing abor­tion’’.

Labour can­di­date Jin An said the cur­rent abor­tion regime was a ‘‘far­ci­cal af­fair’’.

Both is­sues were about ‘‘what you do to your own body’’, she said.

The ACT Party’s Bruce Hay­cock said he had a three­fold per­spec­tive on abor­tion in­clud­ing a woman hav­ing the right to ter­mi­nate a preg­nancy.

In terms of eu­thana­sia Hay­cock said he sup­ported leader David Sey­mour’s draft pri­vate mem­bers bill.

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