So­ci­ety needs more de­viants — let me ex­plain

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Iknow the silly sea­son is upon us but when I read of the new James Bond pos­si­bly be­ing black or fe­male it went from silly to ridicu­lous. OMG . . . this mod­ern world in which we live never ceases to amaze.

Ian Flem­ing must be turn­ing in his grave.

Are they se­ri­ously con­sid­er­at­ing bas­tar­dis­ing his lit­er­ary icon in some lame, fu­tile at­tempt to nor­malise ev­ery deviant in so­ci­ety?

And be­fore you jump on your high, gen­der neu­tral, horses let’s take a good look at the word, deviant.

Com­ing from the word de­vi­ate, it sim­ply means some­one or some­thing that strays from what is per­ceived to be the ac­cept­able or sug­gested norm.

Like the word psy­chopath, though, we tend to grasp on to the neg­a­tive con­no­ta­tion it con­jures up in our skill­fully ma­nip­u­lated brain. It has to be bad, right?

Wrong . . . we are all de­viants in one way or an­other, be it a sex­ual pref­er­ence or pre­fer­ring your steak blue or well done, con­tra­dict­ing the widely held view that medium rare is best and most ac­cept­able to the chefs who cook them.

I’m all for peo­ple be­ing “their au­then­tic selves’’ (cringe-wor­thy term, if ever there was one) but please stop en­cour­ag­ing those driven by the need to ap­pear tol­er­ant and ever so PC, to push self-serv­ing agen­das on your be­half . . . we’ve had a bloody gut­ful!

What the hell comes next?

Will Snow White be banned for the non-con­sen­sual kiss from Prince Charm­ing, by the #metoo bri­gade?

Per­haps the Ugly Duck­ing will un­dergo a feather-weave, gas­tricby­pass surgery and beak plump­ing in­jec­tions to feel good about them­selves.

Will we soon see the mod­ern stage ren­di­tion of Romeo And Ju­lian?

“Romeo, Romeo, where for art though Romeo?”

“I be on Grindr, ye hun­keth of meat, does thou fancy a quick­eth shag?”

And as for the Pied Piper of Ham­lin . . . any­one who can com­mand the at­ten­tion of so many chil­dren must surely be a pae­dophile, so let’s dis­pense with him de­spite the lack of any ac­tual ev­i­dence!

It’s com­ing peo­ple, mark my words — and we’ll deem it per­fectly ac­cept­able — as we’re rapidly be­com­ing con­di­tioned to do, but

we are all de­viants in one way or an­other, be it a sex­ual pref­er­ence or pre­fer­ring your steak blue or well done, con­tra­dict­ing

the widely held view that medium

rare is best .

what if I was to sug­gest a re­make of Moana, call­ing it Mona, and cast­ing a Cau­casian or His­panic as the lead?

Or if I took the cen­tral char from, Alex Ha­ley’s, Roots and re­cast them as white or Asian, or Zorro sud­denly be­came a Ton­gan, there would be all hell to pay.

That old dou­ble stan­dard will be­come all too ap­par­ent. It’s just fine to mess with the orig­i­nal, so long as it’s white in its her­itage, but heaven for­bid if we want to re­write a tra­di­tion­ally black or oth­er­wise eth­ni­cally di­verse char­ac­ter.

Why is it only OK when it re­flects cur­rent per­sonal so­cial jus­tice causes but any­thing be­yond is some­how viewed as racist, in­sen­si­tive and a breach of our hu­man rights.

And we have the au­dac­ity to think of our­selves as tol­er­ant? Talk about oxy­morons . . . or should that just be mo­rons? Be­cause only a mo­ron could fail to see the hypocrisy.

The steam ris­ing from the pile of turds the ar­gu­ment it’s em­bed­ded in is al­most suf­fo­cat­ing.

You want so­cial ac­cep­tance so much, go for it, be my guest, I wish you noth­ing but the best, but please re­frain from per­vert­ing per­fectly well-in­ten­tioned and skill­fully writ­ten iden­ti­ties to make your point.

Cre­ate your own cast of orig­i­nal char­ac­ters, rather than prey­ing upon the long-es­tab­lished, like the pig­gy­back­ing par­a­sites that you are. be­cause ex­pe­ri­ence tells us that his­tory can­not be re-writ­ten.

And to the Hol­ly­wood pow­ers that be, that are be­ing held to ran­som by the de­mand and judge­ment of so­cial me­dia . . . grow some balls, keep it real, pre­serve what in­tegrity you have and stick to your guns.

Might I sug­gest an AK47, to kill off any hopes of a Jemima Bond? #dirty­mar­tini

Did Snow White con­sent to be­ing kissed?

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