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I feel com­pelled to write to your news­pa­per about the road­side garbage around town. I am ap­palled to see so much when there is so much ref­er­ence to the mas­sive prob­lem on the beaches with plas­tics and pack­ag­ing of all types.

I find it frus­trat­ing to say the least that some peo­ple just dump their garbage in the streets.

Open the car win­dow and get rid of it seems to be the norm. What is it that causes some folk to just not care. Is it lazi­ness? or just a no care at­ti­tude. There are dis­posal fa­cil­i­ties that are in­stalled to col­lect this stuff yet folk take no no­tice.

The other gripe I have is the amount of to­bacco or bug weed and wild ginger grow­ing all around town.

I be­lieve it is listed as a nox­ious weed and there­fore may not be al­lowed to grow. Well I sus­pect the very pow­ers that be, do not keep to their side of the bargain. One place in par­tic­u­lar is on Pipi­wai Road just af­ter the rail bridge go­ing west. the road­side is over grown with to­bacco weed. Masses of it. Not a good ex­am­ple to the pub­lic.

I sug­gest a ded­i­cated worker with a ute and chain saw to rove around full time to clean up the place. One man could even­tu­ally get on top of the prob­lem. I’d be in­ter­ested to hear some com­ment on th­ese mat­ters. _ Gavin Elias, Tikipunga

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