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Q We have farm dogs that don’t come near the house. But my son and daugh­ter-in-law have a mid-sized dog that they treat like a hu­man. It lives in­side and so the same thing hap­pens at my place when they come to stay. They even let it go in the swim­ming pool. I was aghast but didn’t say any­thing. Now they’re get­ting an­other dog of the same breed. I don’t know what to do or say be­cause I don’t want to up­set them, but I sim­ply can’t have an­other dog run­ning around in­side my house.

Bark­ing Mad, Man­gawhai A When you have child­dogs, part of the brain seems to fog over. Peo­ple with “chogs” don’t seem to un­der­stand that ev­ery­one has dif­fer­ent lev­els of ca­nine ac­cep­tance. I’m not sure what the an­swer is for you. Be­cause you’re in the du­bi­ous po­si­tion of hav­ing dogs your­selves and their first dog has al­ready been in­vited into your home, you’ve sent the mes­sage that smaller dogs and pup­pies are wel­come – you’ve made a bit of a trap for your­self. If their doggy mates were strictly farm dogs too, you’d have li­cence to or­der the pooches out into the cold, but your rules are very murky. Seems to me your only so­lu­tion is to tell them where you stand.

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