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Who is Sofia Boutella’s male co-star in The Mummy?

Which Amer­i­can pop artist pro­duced paint­ings of Camp­bell’s soup cans?

The River Nile emp­ties into which body of water?

What type of an­i­mal is the an­cient Egyp­tian god­dess Bastet?

Michael McDon­ald sang with Steely Dan and which other band?

What is the name of the Ja­panese car brand Toy­ota’s lux­ury divi­sion?

Where is the beloved chil­dren’s book char­ac­ter Padding­ton Bear from?

Who is the host of Sur­vivor New Zealand?

How many um­pires pre­side over a game of net­ball?

In which city was Princess Diana’s fa­tal ac­ci­dent?

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