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Paint was peel­ing off the walls. Rub­bish bins lined the streets. It was the last place you’d ex­pect two A-lis­ters to come to­gether for a se­cret ren­dezvous.

But for An­gelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, the sur­round­ings didn’t mat­ter a jot. The cou­ple – who have been stead­fastly push­ing on with their di­vorce since their mar­riage ex­ploded a year ago – met face to face at the mod­est Los An­ge­les home of a mu­tual friend and col­lapsed into each other’s arms.

The emo­tional re­union was one of a string of pri­vate get-to­geth­ers the pair have ar­ranged in a last-ditch ef­fort to glue back to­gether their once-happy re­la­tion­ship.

Their ef­forts to re­unite have been con­firmed by body­guard Kris Her­zog, who has worked for the fam­ily. Speak­ing ex­clu­sively to

Woman’s Day, he re­veals that Brad, 53, and An­gelina, 42, have be­gun a trial dat­ing pe­riod to see if they can for­give and for­get the pain and heart­break they’ve put each other through.

“They’ve been hav­ing lit­tle din­ners and lunches here and there,” says Kris, who has worked for both Brad and for An­gelina’s Os­car-win­ning dad Jon Voight, 78. “It’s very much a trial ba­sis. There have been no overnights yet.”

Kris says Mid­nightCow­boy star Jon, who was him­self es­tranged from his fa­mous daugh­ter for 10 years, is “the num­ber-one fan in the world of Brad and Ange get­ting back to­gether”. The body­guard adds, “Jon told me that him­self. He loved them as a cou­ple and is pray­ing their re­union ef­forts work out.

“Brad has been spend­ing a lot of time with the kids. It’s about 80% likely they’re going to get back to­gether – but who knows how long that’s going to last?”

The cou­ple’s lat­est ef­fort to re­unite has been com­pared to vin­tage Hol­ly­wood love­birds Elizabeth Tay­lor and Richard Bur­ton, who mar­ried and di­vorced twice be­tween 1964 and 1976.

Kids on board

A source close to the star pair claims, “Even Ange has ac­knowl­edged maybe she and Brad are the new Bur­ton and Tay­lor. They’re des­per­ately try­ing to make it work. They don’t want to get the chil­dren’s hopes up yet, but the kids do know they’re see­ing each other again and ev­ery­one is root­ing for things to work out.”

The cou­ple – parents to Mad­dox, 16, Pax, 13, Za­hara, 12, Shiloh, 11, and nine-yearold twins Vivi­enne and Knox – were on a pri­vate jet with their kids last Septem­ber when a mid-air scuf­fle broke out be­tween Mad­dox and Brad.

An­gelina im­me­di­ately filed for di­vorce and had Brad in­ves­ti­gated for child abuse, for which he was quickly cleared. But as re­cently as last week, the cou­ple’s lawyers were re­port­edly still thrash­ing out the terms of their split. We’re told their le­gal teams will con­tinue to work through the le­gal­i­ties of the di­vorce un­til the star-crossed lovers in­struct them oth­er­wise.

“It’s still early days and they’re very much dat­ing on a trial ba­sis to see what hap­pens, but it’s clear that they’re still very much in love,” a fam­ily in­sider tells Woman’sDay.

Just last week, An­gelina pub­licly con­fessed, “I don’t en­joy be­ing sin­gle. It’s not some­thing I wanted. There’s noth­ing nice about it.”

“That’s just the tip of the ice­berg,” says our in­sider.

“Be­cause of all the stress, An­gelina has also suf­fered Bell’s palsy, where one side of her face went tem­po­rar­ily droopy. With all the tri­als and tribu­la­tions this break-up has put her through, she’s a dif­fer­ent per­son from the one who threw the book at Brad this time last year.

“It’s clear she doesn’t want to let Brad go any more. He’s left a huge gap in her life, just as she has in his. They’ve been af­fec­tion­ate with one an­other but haven’t slept to­gether yet. Their ther­a­pist has put them on a sex ban and told them not to be in­ti­mate un­til they’ve worked out their is­sues be­cause it will only com­pli­cate things.”

Among those is­sues is the con­stant pres­ence of An­gelina’s brother James Haven, 44, which Brad finds dif­fi­cult to cope with. Also up for dis­cus­sion is An­gelina’s in­ter­fer­ing Bri­tish gal pals, in­clud­ing Baroness ness Ar­minka Helic and Chloeoe Dal­ton, who Brad refers to as her “coven”. An­other is­sue for the pair is their con­stant nt trav­el­ling, which Brad and nd An­gelina have ac­knowl­edged­edged was a stres­sorr in their re­la­tion­ship.hip.

“Noth­ing’s cer­tain yet,” says our in­sider, “but Brad is des­per­ate to get his fam­ily back ck and he’s jump­ing at the he chance to fight for that. . He’s been send­ing An­gelina elina sweet gifts like he did in the early y days and even cook­ing din­ner for her at his home.” ”

An­other well-placed source tells, “An­gelina seems calm. She’s open to mak­ing the re­la­tion­ship her pri­or­ity. She wants her kids to have the sta­bil­ity she never had.”

Above: Ange is in solo-mum mode at a screen­ing of FirstThey KilledMyFather with (from left) Shiloh, Za­hara, ac­tors Kimhak Mun and Sareum Srey Moch, Vivi­enne, Pax, Knox and Mad­dox.

Ange and Brad’s tur­bu­lent ro­mance has been com­pared to that of Liz and Richard (left).

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