Woman’s Day (NZ) - - Puzzles -

1 Kylie Jen­ner re­cently re­vealed her daugh­ter Stormi has $28,000 worth of what? 2

Le­murs, a type of pri­mate, are na­tive to what is­land na­tion? 3

Which US civil rights ac­tivist de­liv­ered the fa­mous “I Have a Dream” speech? 4

The Mon­tagues and Ca­pulets are feud­ing fam­i­lies in which Shake­speare tragedy? 5

ABBA won the 1974 Euro­vi­sion Song Con­test with which song?

6 For the sec­ond time in three years, Os­te­ria Frances­cana has been named the world’s best res­tau­rant – which coun­try is it in? 7

Which an­i­mal is the sym­bol of the World Wide Fund for Na­ture? 8

In the Star Wars films, what is Han Solo’s space­ship called?


Which role did Matt Smith play in the drama se­ries TheCrown?

10 Whit­ney Hous­ton’s hit “I Will Al­ways Love You” was recorded for which movie? Body­guard. The 10. Philip Prince 9. Fal­con Mil­len­nium 8. Panda 7. Italy 6. Water­loo”“5. Juliet andRomeo 4. King Luther Martin3. Mada­gas­car 2. Shoes 1. An­swers



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