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+ Find a story in the pieces you buy. I have an eclec­tic style and I favour things that are old or have a story to them. The an­tique bowl­ing balls in my ta­ble cen­tre­piece had an ear­lier use and I like that. Look for things that mean some­thing.

+ Don’t be tempted to blindly fol­low trends if that is not what you love. Trends will come and go. Pieces that you trea­sure will last a life­time. + Try not to leave de­ci­sions to the last minute when you are re­dec­o­rat­ing. Give your­self time to make good choices.

+ Win­dow treat­ments need care­ful con­sid­er­a­tion. I wanted sim­ple linen drapes in my bed­room and I love the full-length cur­tains. How­ever, the fab­ric I used as a ro­man blind is a disas­ter. When it’s down it looks like a bland and in­sipid piece of ma­te­rial on the wall.

+ If your home has beau­ti­ful win­dow join­ery and a stun­ning out­look, keep win­dow treat­ments off the glaz­ing where pos­si­ble. It helps to en­hance the view and al­lows more light to flood in.

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