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Gail loves small things and trea­sures pos­ses­sions that are al­most child­like in their sim­plic­ity. She has al­ways favoured homes that look like a child’s draw­ing: a square box, pointy roof, a door, a win­dow and a chim­ney to one side. And that is ex­actly what she has got. “We just added the picket fence and two chil­dren,” Gail laughs. “This place ap­peals for its size and sense of sim­plic­ity.”

A planned one-year ad­ven­ture in the UK stalled ren­o­va­tions for slightly longer than ex­pected. Gail and Cory rented out their home and set off on their OE in 2002. When they re­turned six years later with baby Tilly and half a con­tainer full of pos­ses­sions, it was in­evitable they would move back into their trea­sured first home and carry on where they’d left off.

“I have al­ways thought of this as our for­ever home,” says Gail. “Some peo­ple thought we were over­cap­i­tal­is­ing with all the work we have done, but I don’t agree. If you’re do­ing im­prove­ments be­cause you love the place, then you are do­ing it for your­self not for re­sale, and that makes it okay.”

Their time in the UK, where dou­ble glaz­ing and cen­tral heat­ing are the norm, in­flu­enced their de­ci­sion to re­place all the wooden-framed win­dows with dou­ble glaz­ing. “The house had 16 very draughty win­dows and six sash win­dows were com­pletely painted shut. We made the de­ci­sion to invest in some qual­ity join­ery,” says Gail. How­ever, she admits they were a lit­tle re­luc­tant to re­place the front bay win­dow at first, but af­ter see­ing what all the other new win­dows looked like in situ, they de­cided to go ahead.

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