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Tea tow­els are a great way to present a gift as they are easy to wrap with and dou­ble as an ex­tra present. You don’t have to spend up large; look for spe­cials and mul­ti­packs at home­ware stores. A cou­ple of bot­tles of craft beer wrapped to­gether makes a nice gift. TIP: It may take a few goes to per­fect this one! STEP ONE For a wine or Cham­pagne bot­tle, place your bot­tle on an an­gle at the cor­ner of the tea towel and sim­ply roll in­wards, fold­ing the bot­tom up as you go, like fish-and-chip wrap­ping. Se­cure with some rib­bon or string at the top.

STEP TWO For beer bot­tles, place your bot­tles endto-end at the cor­ner of the tea towel, leav­ing about a 5cm gap be­tween them. Roll them up in the tea towel un­til you reach the op­po­site cor­ner. Stand the bot­tles up side by side and tie the tea towel ends to­gether in a knot, creat­ing bunny ears (see right). Wooden baubles and nat­u­ral-coloured linen tea towel from Citta. Fringed tea towel from The Ware­house.

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