21 killed in foiled SSS HQ jail­break

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I sym­pa­thize with the Nige­rian Army for be­ing drafted to fight against in­ter­nal ag­gres­sion rather than ex­ter­nal thus miss­ing their pri­mary ob­jec­tive due to a weak polic­ing sys­tem. I pray govern­ment would do more to em­power the po­lice to as­sume their right­ful du­ties.

Haruna Ja­maare Mo­hammed shehi76@ya­hoo.com ************************** Keep­ing trained guer­ril­las, for­eign mer­ce­nar­ies and po­ten­tial sui­cide bombers in the FCT and within the vicin­ity of the seat of govern­ment is equiv­a­lent to bring­ing a Tro­jan horse into the city. All the in­sur­gents should be dis­persed through­out the coun­try to re­mote lo­ca­tions.

Akhabue akhi­deno@gmail.com ************************** In­stead of keep­ing these people in the SSS head­quar­ters for a long time, they should be ar­raigned in court and jailed if found guilty. But keep­ing them for a long time in the ‘Yel­low House’ gives them knowl­edge of the go­ings-on in that place, thus they took ad­van­tage and tried to give a bloody nose to our se­cu­rity out­fit. All the same, thanks to our se­cu­rity agents for risk­ing their lives to save us.

Dan­ladee dan­ladee@ya­hoo.co.uk ************************** May Al­lah guide and pro­tect us!



************************** An­other ex­cel­lent work from our Army; God bless Nigeria.

Us­man u.a.dan­baba@gmail.com **************************

Is there re­ally a pol­icy on Boko Haram? Not af­ter all the fum­bling and fail­ures, no. It is unimag­in­able that a break­out was hatched and nearly im­ple­mented in the SSS head­quar­ters. Where is the in­tel­li­gence re­ally or is it all mus­cle and ri­fle-fire only? More wor­ry­ing is the Abuja plan; why con­gre­gate the en­tire pres­i­dency, SSS and all ba­si­cally at one spot? Or was it the pres­i­dency that skewed the orig­i­nal plan to show off?

Jan Hazo naiyamd@gmail.com ************************** Ex­cel­lent job! Keep it up. Ku­dos to all se­cu­rity per­son­nel for the quick re­sponse! How­ever, when did Nasir El-Ru­fai be­come a jour­nal­ist? The same ques­tion goes to Femi Fani-Kay­ode.

Brave Pas­tor bravepas­tor@face­book.com ************************** Boko Haram be­longs to the Federal Govern­ment (Jonathan)! ...we got the whole plan blown up, only wait­ing for the day of reck­on­ing.

Hus­sain J. Bello


Soldiers with some people said to be ar­rested near the SSS head­quar­ters

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