Vi­o­lence in Fun­tua over ‘blas­phemy’

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It’s sad, re­ally. While I agree that it is wrong to cause any in­sult to Is­lam, I must query the level of knowl­edge of these youth. The very per­son who they protested for was the same one they dis­obeyed. Sad to say but to a large ex­tent, we Mus­lims have in­sulted Is­lam and the prophets far more than an un­be­liever. We must change and things will be bet­ter.

Sal­ihu Muham­mad Alfa

mr_em­pha­sis@ya­ **************************** The more wor­ry­ing as­pect is the ‘dis­tance’ be­tween the se­cu­rity agencies and the people. From all in­di­ca­tions, the riot fol­lowed days af­ter a ser­mon de­cry­ing the blas­phemy. Where was the se­cu­rity all the while? Who is the teacher that set the ques­tions at the school and where is the state’s ed­u­ca­tion board? Gross neg­li­gence could be seen all over this sad in­ci­dent in Fun­tua.



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