20 quick & easy ways to get more Twit­ter retweets (1)

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Won­der­ing how you can get more retweets and what you can do to boost your chances of get­ting retweeted? Here are 20 quick and easy ways you can get more retweets. 1. Use Men­tions The more men­tions you in­clude in a tweet, the higher your chances of get­ting a retweet. This holds true un­til 6 men­tions; any­thing higher than that and there is a de­crease in the num­ber of retweets. 2. Use Links Mul­ti­ple stud­ies have con­firmed that us­ing links within your tweets will re­sult in more retweets. They add in­ter­est, not to men­tion links to your site drive traf­fic and al­low you to cap­ture leads.

3. Be a Retweeter Yourself

When you are gen­er­ous with your retweets, those around you will be more likely to re­cip­ro­cate. If you look to give more to oth­ers than you ex­pect in re­turn, the re­turn is of­ten greater than you ex­pect! 4. Use Hash­tags Tweets with hash­tags (#) re­ceive more retweets than those with­out. In fact, us­ing 5 hash­tags in a tweet gets around .301 retweets, while a tweet with no hash­tags re­ceives an aver­age of only .0116 retweets. And re­cent data re­leased by Twit­ter con­firms this: It in­di­cates that tweets with hash­tags re­ceive 16% more retweets than those with­out. 5. ASK for a Retweet You have prob­a­bly al­ready found that ask­ing for a retweet in­creases the chances of get­ting one but did you know that ac­tu­ally spell­ing out Retweet will net you bet­ter re­sults than us­ing the ab­bre­vi­a­tion RT? Ask­ing nicely (‘Please Retweet’) will help even more! 6. Place Your Link Care­fully Tweets that con­tain links re­ceive more retweets than those with­out. But re­search has also found that putting the link 90% of the way through your tweet in­creases the like­li­hood of get­ting a retweet.

7. Op­ti­mize Your Tweet Length

If you are look­ing for retweets, you will want to make sure your tweet isn’t so long that people will need to edit it for retweet­ing. Ac­cord­ing to some re­search, 71-100 char­ac­ters is the op­ti­mal length in terms of get­ting retweets.

8. Reach Other Time Zones

If you want the op­por­tu­nity for retweets in other parts of the world, try sched­ul­ing tweets to go out while you are away or sleep­ing. You can sched­ule your tweets with a num­ber of tools, in­clud­ing Hoot­suite and Twuf­fer. 9. Don’t Flurry Tweet If you only have a few min­utes per day to Tweet, make sure you sched­ule your tweets rather than post­ing mul­ti­ple tweets in one fell swoop. 10. Tweet Great Con­tent It goes with­out say­ing that if you want retweets, your con­tent needs to be retwee­able! Al­ways be think­ing about what your au­di­ence wants and needs to see, and you’ll in­crease your chances of get­ting retweets.

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