A pres­i­dent play­ing dan­ger­ous pol­i­tics with Boko Haram

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This is your vin­tage, your judge­ment which usu­ally veers off course to stand logic on its head. If the Pres­i­dent is play­ing pol­i­tics with Boko Haram, then Gen. Gusau and Da­suki’s ap­point­ments were mere po­lit­i­cal jin­go­ism? Mur­tala Nyako’s speech in Amer­ica is highly con­demnable, com­ing from a for­mer Mil­i­tary Gover­nor, for­mer Chief of Naval Staff and now a state gover­nor. Let us re­state the ques­tion: what has Nyako, as gover­nor, done to keep the youth of Adamawa busy and away from the lure of easy BH re­cruits? Ab­so­lutely noth­ing! And you Mo­hammed sup­port such per­son? It is a shame for an en­light­ened per­son like you to heap the blame of the BH scourge and mas­sive il­lit­er­acy in the North on GEJ. Ebonyi State re­ceives one of the least al­lo­ca­tions in Nigeria, yet ed­u­ca­tion there is free up to sec­ondary school. Their state univer­sity is af­ford­able for even an Okada op­er­a­tor to send his wards. Their youth are not idle be­cause their gov­er­nors de­ploy the very lit­tle they have to ed­u­cate them. But the likes of Nyako who re­ceive even big­ger al­lo­ca­tion di­vert the money, play re­li­gion and blame GEJ for their feu­dal gov­er­nance ap­proach. They are sat­is­fied to grow mass il­lit­er­acy in their states be­cause it has been the de­lib­er­ate pol­icy of the rul­ing dy­nasty in north­ern Nigeria to en­sure that the masses are kept un­e­d­u­cated, so they can con­tinue to de­ploy re­li­gion and sub­terfuge to per­pet­u­ally rule them.

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