Dress ap­pre­cia­bly and cre­ate self-con­fi­dence (I)


Many would read­ily agree that we do have trou­ble get­ting dressed in the morn­ing or we are un­sure of how to wear that new trendy and beau­ti­ful dress we’ve just got­ten. We must al­ways won­der what colours would look amaz­ing on us. It is a fact that be­ing well-dressed in­flu­ences other people to see you as com­pe­tent, ca­pa­ble, and smart as well as help­ing you feel more con­fi­dent about yourself. To help you build that con­fi­dence, here are some tips:

Shop for the right clothes that make you look good. A shirt might be cute on the hanger but if it has a thick fab­ric it may make ke your waist look wider than it t is.

Buy the right sizes. You may find a pair of jeans that is a lit­tle ex­pen­sive, but if they don’t fit right, you’ll never wear them. But don’t waste money on buy­ing some­thing just be­cause it is cheap. Only buy clothes that are not too long, loose, short, small or big for you. That means al­ways try on clothes be­fore you buy it.

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