‘PDP didn’t di­rect us to im­ple­ment rul­ing on 37 law­mak­ers’

Rep. Ti­j­jani Yusuf rep­re­sents Kaba-Bubu/Ijumu Federal Con­stituency of Kogi State. He is a mem­ber of the PDP and deputy chair­man of the House com­mit­tee on ICT. In this in­ter­view, he says the PDP did not di­rect them to im­ple­ment last week’s court rul­ing on

Daily Trust - - INSIDE POLITICS - Rep. Ti­j­jani Yusuf

with­out cau­cus and ours is one of men and women of hon­our. We have lawyers with up to 20 years at the bar amongst us. Do we need party lead­ers or the pres­i­dency to tell us what is in the con­sti­tu­tion as law­mak­ers? All we are say­ing is that the law should be al­lowed to take its course. I al­ways in­sist that in this coun­try we do not pun­ish of­fend­ers.

In Jan­uary, 2012 when the House con­vened a spe­cial ses­sion on a Sun­day, you were the spon­sor of that spe­cial mo­tion and it con­cerns sub­sidy, look­ing back and with the feel­ers we are get­ting that fuel sub­sidy will be re­moved, do you still hold the be­lief that sub­sidy should be re­tained?

If you had lis­tened to me on the day in ques­tion, I said I was not op­posed to the re­moval of sub­sidy. I am an econ­o­mist. You do not sub­si­dize con­sump­tion, but rather, you sub­sidise pro­duc­tion. Any­where you sub­sidise con­sump­tion, it’s flawed, but the pro­ce­dure of tak­ing away sub­sidy should have hu­man face. We met and told them that we should start in states by hav­ing pal­lia­tives.

If you want to take away sub­sidy from Nige­ri­ans, plan it be­cause if you do not, the com­mon man on the street will face the chal­lenges he can­not bear and he will re­volt. I never op­posed sub­sidy and till date I am not, but I in­sist that you plan so that the masses do not suf­fer un­duly for no fault of theirs.

De­bates are now done on party ba­sis, what is re­spon­si­ble for this?

That is a very good ob­ser­va­tion and if you ob­served, with­out sound­ing im­mod­est for some months now, I’ve not done any­thing and it is be­cause of that rea­son and we have raised this. With the sit­u­a­tion we are now, we ei­ther make the House re­turn to the part of hon­our or ex­plode to what you use to see dur­ing the 6th As­sem­bly when dis­or­der was the or­der of the day.

For­tu­nately many of our col­leagues share this opin­ion. There is no par­lia­ment with­out con­tes­ta­tion, but my ad­vice is that we ei­ther re­turn to the House we used to have or the bub­ble bursts.

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