20 quick and easy ways to get more Twit­ter retweets (2)

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Won­der­ing how you can get more retweets and what you can do to boost your chances of get­ting retweeted? Here are 20 quick and easy ways. The pre­vi­ous edi­tion had the first 10 ways which were

1. Use Men­tions, 2. Use Links, 3. Be a Retweeter Yourself, 4. Use Hash­tags, 5. ASK for a Retweet, 6. Place Your Link Care­fully, 7. Op­ti­mize Your Tweet Length, 8. Reach Other Time Zones, 9. Don’t Flurry Tweet, 10. Tweet Great Con­tent

11. Make Your Retweet But­ton Prom­i­nent

Hav­ing a retweet but­ton on ev­ery page of your site is crit­i­cal if you want your vis­i­tors to retweet your con­tent. And make sure the but­ton place­ment is prom­i­nent, so they don’t have to go look­ing for it!

12. Use Pic­tures

Tweets with pic­tures re­ceive far more retweets than those with­out. In fact, they re­ceive an aver­age of .404 retweets, com­pared to .0133 for those with­out.

In par­tic­u­lar, you will want to tweet Twit­ter pic­tures, as op­posed to Face­book or In­sta­gram pic­tures. These tweets are ac­tu­ally less likely to be retweeted!

13. Tweet at the Op­ti­mal Times

Tweet­ing on Sun­days will in­crease your chances of get­ting a retweet, as will tweet­ing af­ter work hours. Tweets sent out be­tween 10-11pm re­ceive more retweets than aver­age.

14. In­clude a Num­ber

Where rel­e­vant, use a num­ber or digit within your tweet. Tweets con­tain­ing num­bers get retweeted 17% more of­ten than those with­out.

15. Show Enthusiasm (!!!)

While you may not be en­tirely com­fort­able us­ing lots of emo­tion in your tweets, us­ing ex­cla­ma­tion marks can ac­tu­ally in­crease the like­li­hood of get­ting retweets. In fact, us­ing 6 ex­cla­ma­tion marks pro­duces around 0.299 retweets, while us­ing 9 re­sults in around 0.484 retweets!

16. Use CAPS

Tweets with a higher ra­tio of cap­i­tal letters re­ceive more retweets. Of course, bal­ance this with some com­mon sense – you prob­a­bly don’t want to be TWEET­ING IN ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME!

17. Add, Well, Pretty Much

Any­thing to Your Tweets

Re­cent data re­leased by Twit­ter con­firms that adding pretty much any­thing ‘ex­tra’ to your tweets will get you more retweets. Things like hash­tags, dig­its, quotes, videos and PHO­TOS!

18. Don’t Talk About Yourself

Tweets that con­tain a sel­f­ref­er­ence are retweeted less than those that don’t. So talk more about oth­ers, about is­sues, about any­thing other than yourself!

19. Fo­cus on Pop­u­lar Con­tent

When asked what type

of con­tent they like to retweet, re­spon­dents of one study in­di­cated that they are most likely to retweet (these are in or­der of pop­u­lar­ity): News, In­struc­tional tweets, En­ter­tain­ment, Opin­ion, Prod­ucts and Small talk.

20. Talk About Twit­ter

People are more likely to retweet if your post men­tions Twit­ter, as op­posed to an­other so­cial net­work.

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