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Iwas dumb­founded read­ing the Daily Trust Ed­i­to­rial of Tues­day, April 1, 2014 ti­tled “The Lamido’s uned­i­fy­ing out­burst”. In­cred­i­ble! The fact that the paper’s en­tire Ed­i­to­rial Board team would fault the po­si­tion of the Lamido of Adamawa and that of his people beats my imag­i­na­tion.

For God’s sake, the Lamido is rep­re­sent­ing his people at the Na­tional Con­fer­ence, and not Daily Trust’s! Let his people fault and cast what­ever as­per­sions if any on him, not your warped and prej­u­di­cial selves that do not rep­re­sent the sup­posed re­gion you are sup­posed to.

You didn’t fault the com­moner that you your­selves re­ported in your edi­tion of Daily Trust of Thurs­day, March 27, 2014 that “took” the mi­cro­phone from the Lamido. What a set of people are you? Had it been Clark or Orit­se­jafor was the one from whom the mi­cro­phone was taken away, your “Board” would’ve cas­ti­gated that per­son, but you fault the Lamido for call­ing a spade a spade by at­test­ing that he and his people have a place to go if Nigeria should break up.

You may not be­lieve it, but the Lamido spoke my mind and I be­lieve a host of oth­ers who are tired of be­ing called par­a­sites by some louts who hap­pened to be in power. Let me con­clude by telling your lot that the rea­son why I “stick” to your jour­nal is be­cause of three jour­nal­ists, Adamu Adamu, Mo­hammed Haruna and Tunde Asaju, not be­cause of your Ed­i­to­ri­als.

So please let Lamido of Adamawa be, if he weren’t that im­por­tant and rel­e­vant to the “Jam­boree”, why was he courted and brought back?

Keep your warped and jaun­diced opin­ions to your­selves and leave those con­cerned to voice it.

Habu Abdu, Esq. <ab­duesq.habu@ya­hoo.com>

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