Politi­cians us­ing re­li­gion as di­vi­sive tool – Ozekhome

Daily Trust - - NEWS - By Nu­rud­deen M. Ab­dal­lah

Nige­rian politi­cians are us­ing re­li­gion as a mech­a­nism of di­vide and rule, a federal govern­ment del­e­gate at the Na­tional Con­fer­ence, Chief Mike Ozekhome, SAN, has said.

“I want to ask a ques­tion: why are we sud­denly dis­crim­i­nat­ing against our­selves. Re­li­gion is be­ing used, as Karl Marx once said, as opium of the masses to op­press the people. It is by the elites of our people,” he said.

“I am of a Mus­lim fam­ily; my fa­ther and my mother were Mus­lims. In my house, we have as many Mus­lims as we have Chris­tians and I send many of them to Mecca on the Hajj as one of the five pil­lars of Is­lam. We don’t dis­crim­i­nate,” the lawyer said.

He added that: “What is go­ing on in the North East Nigeria does not seem to con­cern many of us be­cause we are in the com­fort of our homes ei­ther in Abuja, or in La­gos, or in Port Har­court or in Enugu….”

Cit­ing a por­tion of the Holy Qu­ran, he said when the people of Mecca wanted Prophet Mo­hammed to wor­ship their gods, he told them, “I wor­ship not that which you wor­ship nor do you wor­ship that which I wor­ship. Do not ex­pect me to wor­ship that which you wor­ship nor should I ex­pect you to wor­ship that which I wor­ship. To you your re­li­gion and to me my re­li­gion.”

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