15 An­droid apps that do amaz­ing things the iPhone can’t (2)

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In Part one, we wrote about five An­droid apps that do amaz­ing things the iPhone just can’t. There are count­less clear ben­e­fits to own­ing a smart­phone pow­ered by Ap­ple’s mo­bile plat­form but the sim­ple fact of the mat­ter is that the re­stric­tions im­posed on third-party apps in­evitably leads to lim­i­ta­tions. There are some amaz­ing An­droid apps out there that re­mind us why Google’s open ap­proach has some real ad­van­tages.

In part one cov­ered the fol­low­ing apps 1. Cover 2. Swype 3. Pro­file Sched­uler 4. An­droid Stocks Tape Wid­get Here are 5 more great An­droid apps that do amaz­ing things the iPhone can’t

5. Smart Launcher

Smart Launcher, com­pletely changes the way you in­ter­act with your phone. Just like Cover, Gin­le­mon Soft­ware’s Smart Launcher app takes over the user in­ter­face on your An­droid phone. But in­stead of just tak­ing con­trol of your lock screen, it re­places your home screens as well.

The app sep­a­rates all of your in­stalled ap­pli­ca­tions into groups, mak­ing them very easy to ac­cess quickly. It can also learn which apps you use the most and make those apps more ac­ces­si­ble than oth­ers.

Smart Launcher spans ev­ery An­droid de­vice you own — your phone, your tablet, even a Google TV box — and it even in­ter­acts with other launch­ers you might be us­ing.

6. Event Flow Cal­en­dar Wid­get

There are plenty of ways to ef­fec­tively pop­u­late An­droid’s bar­ren lock screen, but two of the most el­e­gant and in­tel­li­gent so­lu­tions are Event Flow Cal­en­dar Wid­get and DashClock Wid­get.

The for­mer is the smarter of the two op­tions for busy people whose cal­en­dars are al­ways packed with ap­point­ments.

Event Flow in­cludes a num­ber of styling op­tions and con­fig­u­ra­tions, but the app’s main goal is to put your agenda front and cen­ter so you never miss an­other ap­point­ment.

As soon as you turn on your hand­set’s dis­play, you’re pre­sented with a well-de­signed list of your up­com­ing ap­point­ments along with dates, times and weather fore­casts for each day. If you’d rather not clut­ter up your lock screen, the app also pro­vides a num­ber of dif­fer­ent home screen wid­get op­tions as well.

7. DashClock Wid­get

The other lock screen tweak is DashClock Wid­get. it is more Ver­tatile co­pared to to Event Flow.

Rather than just fo­cus­ing on the user’s agenda, DashClock pre­sents a va­ri­ety of in­for­ma­tion in­clud­ing the time, date, weather, un­read emails, SMS no­ti­fi­ca­tions, missed calls, cal­en­dar items, re­main­ing bat­tery charge and more.

You can also choose from dozens of ex­ten­sions avail­able for the app in the Google Play store, most of which are com­pletely free. Face­book no­ti­fi­ca­tions, un­read Feedly count, Snapchat alerts and more are avail­able.

You can even have DashClock dis­play your Klout score, up­dated in real time.

Users with PIN code or pat­tern se­cu­rity will still be able to en­joy a con­densed ver­sion of the DashClock wid­get that will be dis­played above the key­pad or pat­tern dots. Those with­out any se­cu­rity will see much more de­tailed in­for­ma­tion.

For the best of both worlds, you can also drop the wid­get on one of your home screens in ad­di­tion to the lock screen. DashClock Wid­get is a free app

8. Avi­ate

In the same vein as Cover and Smart Launcher from the first in­stall­ment in this se­ries, Avi­ate is an app that takes over your An­droid phone and com­pletely changes the way you use it.

Cre­ated by Thumb­sUp Labs, which was re­cently ac­quired by Ya­hoo, Avi­ate is a unique new take on the home screen that morphs and changes through­out the day dy­nam­i­cally. Its in­tended pur­pose is to present you with only the apps and other in­for­ma­tion you need based on the time, your lo­ca­tion and other fac­tors.

Think of it as the other child of Google Now and Cover. Some quick ex­am­ple’s from the Google Play app page:

*Wake up, and Avi­ate au­to­mat­i­cally brings you weather and your meet­ings for the day.

*When driv­ing, Avi­ate au­to­mat­i­cally gives you traf­fic and di­rec­tions home.

*Out to din­ner, Avi­ate au­to­mat­i­cally shows you pho­tos, tips and re­views for your fa­vorite restau­rant.

When Avi­ate works, it works very well. Fright­en­ingly well, at times. When it doesn’t, it’s just an an­noy­ing step stand­ing be­tween you and the app you’re look­ing for. But as time pro­gresses, the bal­ance will con­tinue to shift from the lat­ter to the for­mer. Avi­ate is free com­pletely free but you’ll have to add yourself to the wait list when you first down­load the app, and it could take about a week for your ac­count to be ready. Al­ter­na­tively, if you can find some­one who al­ready uses Avi­ate, he or she can send you an in­vite.

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