FG sum­mons Zim­bab­wean en­voy over Mu­gabe’s com­ment on Nigeria

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What is wrong in telling the truth? The com­ments were tar­geted at the cor­rupt lead­er­ship of the coun­try and not to ev­ery­one, or where else can $20bn dol­lars dis­ap­pear into thin air? With all the sanc­tions on Zim­babwe, its lit­er­acy rate is fan­tas­tic. Please stop the cor­rup­tion and for­get about com­ments.

Saleh Ngaski

salenga2004@gmail.com ************************** I ex­pect the Nige­rian govern­ment to also give Nige­ri­ans an op­por­tu­nity to re­act to these al­le­ga­tions to see whether what the Zim­bab­wean Pres­i­dent said was right or not. Don’t just feel of­fended be­cause some­body shares his candid view about our coun­try.

Nasiru Musa

nascase2000@ya­hoo.com *************************** Yes, Mu­gabe is cor­rect; are Nige­ri­ans not cor­rupt, from min­is­ter to mes­sen­ger?

Bo­laji Dairo

bo­la­jidairob­lues@ya­hoo.com ************************** What is the rouse about what Mu­gabe said about Nigeria? Is there any­body in this world who does not know about this blank truth? A mad man said that call­ing him a mad man does not an­noy him but telling other people about his mad­ness dis­gusts him be­cause those people should have known that by look­ing at him. Be­sides, Mu­gabe fears no man or coun­try when­ever he is speak­ing the truth.


casidylion@ya­hoo.de ***************************

Did Mu­gabe say any­thing new about Nigeria? Nige­ri­ans would be de­ceiv­ing them­selves to be in pains when the true de­scrip­tion of Nige­rian govern­ment is given any­where. Nigeria is cor­rupt. Nige­rian govern­ment of to­day is the most cor­rupt in the world. The present govern­ment is worst than Mob­uto’s. The Speaker of Nigeria’s par­lia­ment (No. 4 cit­i­zen) once said some­thing sim­i­lar to what Mu­gabe said. Why was there no protest?

Yahuza Sani Sa­gagi

yahuza­sani@live.com ************************ Is there any­thing wrong about his state­ment? Are our so-called lead­ers not cor­rupt? Please, Pres­i­dent Mu­gabe, if you have any­thing to add, go on; and if they are not cor­rupt, let them de­fend



sand­abash06@ya­hoo.com ************************* What would you ex­pect? Our lead­ers have turned Nigeria to a laugh­ing stock in the in­ter­na­tional arena.


igelu67@ya­hoo.com ************************* Clas­si­cal case of “the truth be­ing bit­ter”. Be­cause you helped lib­er­ate Zim­babwe the truth shouldn’t be told? Shame!


mu­maru8@aim.com ************************** Mu­gabe’s com­ment is the real po­si­tion of the na­tion to­day.

Umar Kolo

umarukolo@gmail.com ************************ Nige­ri­ans should look in­ward and change their cor­rupt ways in­stead of ac­cus­ing some­one who made com­ments based on his per­sonal as­sess­ment of the cor­rupt ten­den­cies in the land. Are Nige­ri­ans not cor­rupt? Re­mem­ber also that what­ever we do as Nige­ri­ans and as a na­tion, the world is watch­ing. In­stead of stag­ing a protest against some­one’s com­ments, I think it will be more hon­ourable and de­serv­ing that Nige­ri­ans stage a protest against our cor­rupt lead­ers. Over time, cor­rup­tion is win­ning the war Nigeria has been wag­ing against it.

Dan’asali K.T.


Mu­gabe should have been ig­nored. You are just dig­ni­fy­ing him with protest re­sponse. Who is Mu­gabe for God’s sake? Methuse­lah? It is just a case of pot call­ing ket­tle black.



Pres­i­dent Robert Mu­gabe

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