Mus­lim-Mus­lim ticket?

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We will see if the elec­torate are ready to de­fend their votes this time. It has al­ways been a tra­di­tion of pol­i­tics where the rich­est or finest in rig­ging find their way. I have ob­served hun­dreds of elec­tions na­tion­wide and the story is still the same. Very few groups of people know their right when it comes to elec­tion. The sys­tem is flawed and still is! The INEC ACT states that an elec­tion re­sult is valid just with the sig­na­ture of the col­la­tion of­fi­cer. The party reps and oth­ers can dive down the moun­tain if they are ag­grieved or go to court as they al­ways say. It has been flawed from the word go and any dirty politi­cian can take ad­van­tage of that. The masses have to wake up from their slum­ber be­cause sen­ti­ments, re­li­gious and eth­nic di­vides will never au­gur well for the na­tion un­less they don’t want any­thing good to come out of the “na­tion”. If, as a na­tion, we feel we are not good enough and can­not forge ahead as one, then let’s go our sep­a­rate ways and achieve greater things with the clus­ters we feel we be­long to. Brian af­riman007@ya­ ******************** Nigeria is al­ready po­lar­ized. No thanks to politi­cians us­ing ev­ery avail­able weapon to nail their op­po­nents. One fact I know is this - un­less APC pre­sents a Chris­tian can­di­date, north­ern Chris­tians are not yet ready to vote for a Mus­lim north­erner. Bala mam­man­ *********************** The truth is like the sun. “Who­ever shows you the sun and you look but can­not see it is ly­ing” -Sheikh Abubakar Gummi. This is the prob­lem with our elite. Buhari hap­pens to be the trig­ger for ob­vi­ous rea­sons – he is hon­est. May we, as Nige­ri­ans, have the vi­sion of see­ing with our eyes wide open from 2015. Jan Hazo ************************* This ticket should be a way of for­get­ting about our re­li­gious and eth­nic dif­fer­ences. We should see the ticket as a wel­come de­vel­op­ment for the good of our coun­try. God bless Nigeria!

Nu­radeen Mahuta

nu­radeen­mahuta@ya­ ************************* Well said Mr. Adamu, but I still don’t buy the idea of Buhari and Tin­ubu; rather, they should leave it for the younger ones.


ubaadamusalahudeen@ya­ ************************* Please let’s not de­ceive our­selves. This ticket will not fly, be­cause Nigeria of Abi­ola/Kin­gibe era is not the Nigeria of to­day. The fact is that Nigeria is presently be­ing bat­tered re­li­giously. But a change is go­ing to come soon!



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