‘My brother can­not be in the morgue’

Daily Trust - - NEWS - By Judd Leonard Okafor

Many people rushed to the emer­gency ward of the Maitama Gen­eral Hospi­tal af­ter scores of vic­tims were taken there. Sev­eral of them asked for their rel­a­tives but were later seen walk­ing slowly to­wards the morgue with bowed heads.

A man who gave his name as Isaac said, “I got a call that my brother was in­volved in the ac­ci­dent. I have checked the emer­gency ward but he is not there, (sighs) but I am not in a hurry to go to the morgue, my brother can­not be there”, he said.

When asked if he had checked other hos­pi­tals, Isaac said with blood-shot eyes: “I went to Asokoro, Wuse and now I am in Maitama, a friend checked the Na­tional hospi­tal and Nyanya, this is my last bus stop, I am wait­ing for my friend to come so we can check to­gether”. At the time this re­porter was leav­ing the hospi­tal, his friend had not come, but he was milling around the morgue, not re­ally sure of go­ing in to check his brother, or to leave.

A source at the emer­gency ward said vic­tims were brought in long buses, and the hospi­tal per­son­nel had no choice but to set up tem­po­rary wards out­side the emer­gency ward due to the large num­ber of ca­su­al­ties. He added that the large num­ber made the hospi­tal au­thor­i­ties to re­fer five of them to the Gwag­wal­ada Gen­eral Hospi­tal and the Na­tional Hospi­tal.

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