The prob­lem with money pol­i­tics in Nigeria

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For a can­di­date to win elec­tion in Nigeria, they must be pre­pared to spend lots of money. Money has long dom­i­nated our elec­tions, and the prob­lem is wors­en­ing. People spent un­lim­ited amounts of money dur­ing cam­paigns and be­fore or dur­ing elec­tion, in or­der to win the posts they are con­test­ing for. The ma­jor prob­lem with money pol­i­tics is that politi­cians tend to in­vest by spend­ing in the cam­paigns and ex­pect profit in re­turn. This can also af­fect pub­lic pol­icy and spend­ing pri­or­i­ties. Pol­i­tics in Nigeria be­comes busi­ness in which the con­tes­tant in­vests dur­ing cam­paign, and later re­coups af­ter win­ning the elec­tion. Im­me­di­ately they land in of­fice, their agenda changes. They set out to take back what they spent dur­ing cam­paign, in­clud­ing the profit, be­fore their ten­ure ends. And as we know, the ‘profit’ is usu­ally many times more than the ‘in­vest­ment’. At the mid­dle of their ten­ure, they will fo­cus their at­ten­tion on how to win elec­tion for the sec­ond time. at that time they will be­gins to show a lit­tle se­ri­ous about the Masses by still giv­ing them money, but not do­ing some­thing that will help in de­vel­op­ing the na­tion. The politi­cians use the op­por­tu­nity of given money in or­der to de­ceive the masses and the masses as­sume that is best of what they ex­pect from their lead­ers. If you are to share your view with the both sides (politi­cians and masses), you will find that both of them have con­trib­uted a lot in spread­ing the prob­lem. His­tory shows that Nigeria was not like this be­fore. Our past lead­ers went into pol­i­tics in those days to serve for de­vel­op­ment of the na­tion, not to just steal money and prop­er­ties of the coun­try and en­rich them­selves. These are the type of lead­ers that we need in Nigeria to­day. The most ter­ri­ble prob­lem with money pol­i­tics is that it causes un­em­ploy­ment in the mind of our youth. It also af­fects de­vel­op­ment of the na­tion, be­cause people take pol­i­tics as busi­ness not some­thing that will help in de­vel­op­ing the coun­try. It causes crises and vi­o­lence, among other prob­lems. Look­ing at the present sit­u­a­tion in Nigeria, it shows that we are very far left be­hind, eco­nom­i­cally, so­cially, morally as well as po­lit­i­cally and it is time to start think­ing of ways out of this prob­lem. Nigeria is a great coun­try with great and re­spect­ful people. There­fore we should do all we can to fight against this prob­lems. Nige­ri­ans should bear in mind that we will fight against money pol­i­tics be­cause it will never lead us to suc­cess. This is es­pe­cially im­por­tant as we ap­proach the gen­eral elec­tions in 2015.

Zahrad­deen Yakubu<zahrad­>

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