Vic­tim nar­rates how he sur­vived blast with two sib­lings

Daily Trust - - NEWS - By Ron­ald Mu­tum

Daniel Job, a driver at the of­fice of the Au­di­tor Gen­eral of the Fed­er­a­tion has nar­rated his or­deal at the Nyanya Mo­tor Park ex­plo­sion where scores were killed and hun­dreds in­jured on Mon­day.

Seated on a grassy patch in the premises of the Asokoro Hospi­tal where sev­eral other in­jured vic­tims are re­ceiv­ing treat­ment, Daniel told his story to Daily Trust.

Flanked on both sides by three fe­male rel­a­tives, Daniel said, “I woke up around 6:30 am I took my bath, climbed a bike with my brother. We were go­ing to work, so reach­ing

Nyanya park we bought tick­ets” for the bus.

“Al­ready al­most three buses were filled, so they asked us to board the fourth bus. I now asked my brother to board. Upon reach­ing the door of the bus, that was when it (ex­plo­sion) hap­pened, be­cause even my younger sis­ter was in­side the third bus that (was) filled up,” he stated.

Daniel said he made her sis­ter board the third bus so he and his brother would join the fourth.

The bomb ex­ploded be­fore they could get into the bus, he ex­plained.

He con­tin­ued: “What I know is that I saw my­self on the ground but I am the one that still car­ried my­self from the ground run­ning away from that place.” He be­gan to cry for her sis­ter “be­cause I be­lieved that my brother too could es­cape (un­aided).

Daniel was lucky to find his sis­ter cry­ing and fol­low­ing him be­hind so he asked “where my younger brother?” he was not at sight.

“I picked my phone and called him” and he an­swered but said he was in­side the park.

“I now saw my brother where they car­ried him to be put into an am­bu­lance but it was filled when res­cue work­ers got there. So he started scream­ing for help for his brother

“I did not know what was go­ing on with me be­cause he was worse off than me,” Daniel Job said.

He ex­plained that, “An Igbo man that was there told me if I leave my brother here he will not sur­vive, be­cause he was breath­ing with dif­fi­culty.

“I asked the Igbo man to help me lift my brother and I put him on my shoul­der, try­ing to reach Nyanya hospi­tal.

“Luck­ily as the am­bu­lance was turn­ing some­one stopped it and I en­tered with my brother.”

Daniel fur­ther nar­rated that when they got to the hospi­tal the doc­tor at­tended to his brother first, laid him down on a bed and put him on drip with in­jec­tions.

The doc­tor also at­tended to him later. “When I re­gained (con­scious­ness) I couldn’t see any in­jury on me but only this,” Daniel Job said.

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