Rwanda, Nigeria’s na­tional con­fer­ence and an Ethiopia-Eritrea war

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“A treaty signed in 2002 at Al­giers ended a war be­tween Ethiopia and Eritrea”. Just a hum­ble pointer, the said treaty was signed in 2000! Thanks.

John jtb@hot­ ************************** I re­ally com­mend and salute Kagame as a dy­namic and vi­sion­ary leader for unit­ing Hutu and Tutsi in Rwanda. In fact, to­day they do not want their tribe or eth­nic­ity to be men­tioned.

Ab­du­lazeeez aab­du­ ************************** What Africa is lack­ing is in­tel­lec­tual people like this writer; they take snip­pets and try to hood­wink UN into be­liev­ing their false and flawed anal­y­sis.

We­d­i­nakfa we­d­i­ ************************** It is true Eritrea won the war dur­ing the com­mu­nist regime of Mengistu Haile-Mariam and helped to re-in­state the cur­rent govern­ment of Weyanes with the hope that they have al­ready learned how much war can be a dam­ag­ing tool to all. Eritrea did not im­me­di­ately pro­claim its in­de­pen­dence as most ex­pected. In­stead, it gave Ethiopia three years time to set­tle af­ter the long war. Un­for­tu­nately, the regime in Ethiopia was not wise enough to learn from the past and ig­nited an­other war un­der the guise of bor­der con­flict.

Yet Eritrea won again at the court. Un­for­tu­nately, the rule of law is not yet im­ple­mented by Ethiopia to get a last­ing peace for both coun­tries. And the world com­mu­nity is again favour­ing Ethiopia against the peacelov­ing Eritre­ans. Re­gard­less, the truth will pre­vail.

Ab­dat Ibrahim ibrahim_i­brahim@ex­pe­ri­ence­ ************************** I have a dif­fer­ent view. As al­ways, there was a will­ing­ness on the part of dif­fer­ent regimes of Ethiopia to have ac­cess to the Red Sea that has never sub­sided de­spite in­de­pen­dence. The in­ter­fer­ence by the West, pri­mar­ily the United States, be­cause the govern­ment of Eritrea has not been ac­com­mo­dat­ing their re­quests for in­stal­la­tion of mil­i­tary bases as most of the states of Africa did up till to­day. Eritrea af­ter in­de­pen­dence im­me­di­ately an­nounced the pol­icy of self-suf­fi­ciency in­stead of be­ing Western-aid de­pen­dant. In con­clu­sion, it is not true that cur­rently the coun­try is close to bankruptcy. To the con­trary, at the mo­ment Eritrea achieved a progress that few coun­tries in Africa have; the coun­try is less in­debted in Africa, does not ask for aid from 2005, just to cite one ex­am­ple. It is the suc­cess story of Africa and the MDGs 2015 of the United Na­tions with 6 points al­ready gained.

Cane Libero


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