Be­tween Jonathan and Nyako

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• Have you read the lat­est let­ter in town?

• First of all, I will ad­vise you to rise above the tide and stop in­dict­ing the na­tion’s armed forces. There are more gal­lant of­fi­cers in and out of uni­form with some­thing good to say.

• Hellooo, I am talk­ing about the gover­nor’s let­ter to his col­leagues in which he tack­led Pres­i­dent Jones.

• A na­tion’s armed forces is its back­bone, stop its den­i­gra­tion. • How? • Let the gover­nor send his im­age mak­ers back to school for his­tory lessons, but most im­por­tantly el­e­men­tary gram­mar and sen­tence struc­ture. • Why? • That man is a twotime gover­nor, has headed the navy yet he lacks a ba­sic un­der­stand­ing of na­tional his­tory; finds it hard to si­t­u­ate is­sues, even the things he wit­nessed or took part in and if he continues, would be den­i­grat­ing the uni­form and the bab­ban riga.

• Abeg leave gram­mar and syn­tax to Fa­rooq Kper­ogi, we’re talk­ing pol­i­tics here and the in­ter­est of the north.

• I have no prob­lem with pol­i­tics and I align with the in­ter­ests of the north. The trou­ble with iden­ti­fy­ing with ev­ery rab­ble rouser out there is that they muddy the wa­ters of po­lit­i­cal dis­course and make it im­pos­si­ble for people to iden­tify the real is­sues.

• Are you call­ing the gover­nor a rab­ble rouser?

• My ar­gu­ment has al­ways been that if we must pa­rade north­ern cre­den­tials, we should come with our First 11. You can­not play against a win­ning team play­ing with your re­serve list or by pick­ing ball jug­glers from the spec­ta­tors and ex­pect to win. This man’s con­vo­luted rants is not worth iden­ti­fy­ing with. He has noth­ing to show for the in­vest­ment the na­tion placed in him. Try­ing to jump into a na­tional dis­course the way he did with slap­dash il­logic and petu­lant ru­mour is one of the rea­sons people in­sult our re­gion.

• You won’t leave the shadow and let’s chase the sub­stance.

• This town­square is large but there is only space for one jester-in-chief at any given time. The oth­ers are dis­trac­tions we would do well to ig­nore.

• I thought he raised gen­uine is­sues that are known.

• Like Boko Haram is a govern­ment ploy to re­duce north­ern pop­u­la­tion, dec­i­mate Mus­lims and cause dis­af­fec­tion and ill­will be­tween Chris­tians and Mus­lims? Or his se­lec­tive am­ne­sia in mis­in­ter­pret­ing global events and triv­i­al­is­ing na­tional dis­as­ters?

• Is it not a known fact that Boko Haram is a govern­ment cre­ation? The pres­i­dent said they are in his cab­i­net. I have read al­lu­sions to that in some of your writ­ings.

• Please spare me the smear. Just be­cause al­ma­ji­rai dis­cuss is­sues at their lev­els does not turn them into facts. You can­not make head­lines of pep­per soup gos­sip.

• I know you are not a gen­uine critic, you are like your pre­de­ces­sors just talk­ing to be no­ticed and set­tled.

• Thank you. My point is that the Naija cir­cus, can only ac­com­mo­date one en­ter­tainer at a time be­fore the com­edy turns into a farce. The in­sur­gency pre­dates the clue­less one and is a se­ri­ous na­tional calamity that has de­fied so­lu­tions. On the one hand, Nyako says it’s a ploy, but he wants amnesty and a fund that he and those who think like him can mis­man­age. He should give ac­count of how he man­aged Adamawa’s funds first, be­cause when you point one fin­ger at any­thing, one fin­ger points to God and three points back to you. This man’s views are dis­as­trous at all lev­els and does not align with north­ern or any in­ter­est at all.

• So why is the pres­i­dency wor­ried about the mes­sage?

• They are the real cir­cus. Next time, the man should put his thoughts to­gether in the lan­guage he can speak and then find some­one who is well versed in trans­la­tion. Did you no­tice that there are sen­tences in his so-called let­ter that are 90 words long and sep­a­rated by only one comma? This man had the temer­ity to in­sin­u­ate that ma­jor­ity of Boko Haram vic­tims are north­ern­ers. Please let’s talk about some­thing else. • Like what now? • I don’t know… CCTV cam­eras, cat­tle graz­ing, NNPC in-house storm, lack of elec­tric­ity; in­abil­ity of this gover­nor to repli­cate his farm­ing suc­cess in his state. Let’s talk about gov­ern­ments mar­ry­ing off wid­ows from the com­mon wealth with no clue about how to feed and sus­tain the union. There’s a lot to talk about here than give room to re­gional clowns.

• Any ex­cuse to de­vi­ate from the sub­stance in the let­ter.

• You are yet to show me one sub­stance in the let­ter.

• And you are yet to dis­prove that there are no sub­stances in it ei­ther.

• First show me the meat in the let­ter and I will proof to you that it’s all bones – clowns one and all.

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