I am frus­trated and de­pressed and have prayed faith­fully and pa­tiently. In my an­guish I have come close to blas­phemy ask­ing my maker, Are you not Lord God?

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my maker, Are you not Lord God? Almighty? Why do you al­low so much pain and suf­fer­ing, and why do you al­low mankind to so mock you? I quickly trem­ble. Be­fore God, is there no such thing as small mock­ery Ev­ery sin is a mock­ery of God and all mankind is guilty and pun­ish­able.

But again I say dear God, you have not judged the world! Man has judged him­self. God gave us worth. We de­filed it. He blessed us a world in which we can find wealth. We chose to ex­ploit one an­other. He gave us love. We chose hate. He dealt jus­tice and gave us power. We deal in­jus­tice and in fact take life.

What tower of right­eous­ness do you turn to? Re­li­gion is pol­luted and re­placed by gim­micks for gath­er­ing of lu­cre and mis­use of po­lit­i­cal power. Hu­mil­ity, sim­plic­ity, meek­ness, pro­pri­ety, all have be­come hard to find. My lan­guid mono­tone through Easter re­turned to Jalingo and fur­ther on to re­la­tions in Yola, Adamawa State.

Sadly for Michael Lawrence, his body was cre­mated in his car by the ban­dits who per­pe­trated this sense­less act burn­ing scars on sim­ple folks to wear for the rest of life. It did not mat­ter that Michael Lawrence was a build­ing en­gi­neer ren­o­vat­ing a State leg­isla­tive cham­ber - an hon­est liv­ing. Tragic. All in one long Easter break!

What a coun­try! Yet I tell my­self, it is not all to­gether hope­less. Our com­mu­ni­ties can be sal­vaged and given hope and con­fi­dence. Our na­tion Nigeria can be redeemed. The an­swer is in lead­er­ship that is pur­pose­ful and re­solved, God-fear­ing and full of hu­man com­pas­sion. We ei­ther make this choice to of­fer our­selves if we so be­lieve, and choose such a one if we find. Or for their to be a re­solve to truly stop this nose­dive to worse chaos.

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