Cou­ple find a DOZEN dou­ble yolked eggs in one box

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Cou­ple Ken and Carolyn Ban­nis­ter were left shell-shocked when they dis­cov­ered a dozen dou­ble yolker eggs in one box - at odds of a quin­til­lion-toone.

It was no yolk when Mr and Mrs Ban­nis­ter set about mak­ing an omelette af­ter pick­ing the eggs up from their lo­cal Mor­risons ear­lier this month.

But the eggcite­ment soon be­gan when they cracked five in a row to find they all had two yolks.

“I just couldn’t be­lieve my eyes,” said Mr Ban­nis­ter, 65. “I had heard that it was rare but had a funny feel­ing that more in the box might be dou­ble yolk­ers too.”

A few days later Mrs Ban­nis­ter hard-boiled an­other four for a salad and saw dou­ble again.

“That was it then, we were ob­sessed,” said Mr Ban­nis­ter.

I just couldn’t be­lieve my eyes.I had heard that it was rare but had a funny feel­ing that more in the box might

be dou­ble yolk­ers too.

“We knew it was pretty strange and we looked it up and found a story about six from the same box at odds of a tril­lion-to-one, so we won­dered what it would be for nine.”

Last Fri­day, Mr Ban­nis­ter, poised with his video cam­era, cap­tured his wife cracking the fi­nal three eggs.

He told Get Sur­rey: “Low and be­hold, they were all dou­bles too.

“Things are def­i­nitely cheaper by the dozen.”

It is thought the odds of find­ing a box of 12 dou­ble yolk eggs is a quin­til­lion-to-one - the same as win­ning the lot­tery three times.

Mr and Mrs Ban­nis­ter, from Ash Green, will be keep­ing the hard-boiled spec­i­mens for as long as pos­si­ble, “for any­one who wants to take a look”.

“We do not play the lot­tery as a rule, but some­thing like this makes you won­der if you should,” said Mr Ban­nis­ter.

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All dou­ble yolked

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