How do you save your phone book con­tacts?

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Amo­bile phone is now a com­mon item owned by a vast ma­jor­ity of Nige­ri­ans and the world at large. Ev­ery time we meet people we tend to up­date our phone book. There are some, how­ever, who will rather mem­o­rise a phone num­ber than save it.

This brings us to the ques­tion how do you save con­tact on your phone? Do you use full name (ex­am­ple Ba­mas Vic­to­ria) or use a de­scrip­tion (ex­am­ple Ba­mas cor­per, Ba­mas Dai­lytrust, Ba­mas Mass­Com)?

WEEKEND con­ducted ducted a vox pop and here is s what people have to say:

Oluwatosin Taiwo, wo, a civil en­gi­neer, said “I save a phone num­ber the way I can eas­ily re­mem­ber mber the per­son, it can be by nick­name, by event, or by where I know the he per­son or even the he re­la­tion­ship be­tween n us.”

Paul Archi­bong, a nurse, says all the con­tacts in his phone book are saved with full name and ti­tle. “I use a per­son’s full names and ti­tle like Mr, Miss, Chief, Aunty be­cause it’s eas­ier for me to re­mem­ber than nick­names,” he ex­plained. Archi­bong noted that the use of ti­tle started as a re­sult of his phone type that had a pro­vi­sion for ti­tle.

John Urhude, just like Achi­bong, says, “I save their full names.”

But for Adediji Bunmi, “In this world and age, no­body cares about sur­names just your first name or an easy to re­mem­ber name and de­scrip­tion. When you have up to five dif­fer­ent Henry’s in your Phone book, how do you dif­fer­en­ti­ate them? You use a de­scrip­tion be­cause you can­not know the sur­name of ev­ery­body.”

Sam­son Ibi­woye says “I think most of us ac­tu­ally use words with which we can eas­ily re­mem­ber a per­son. I have many names saved with de­scrip­tions in my phone­book. I most of­ten use the event that brought us to­gether as the de­scrip­tion, al­though I don’t use any de­scrip­tion that has a neg­a­tive tag to it.”

And as for you our read­ers, the sam­pling continues. How do you save con­tacts on your phone book?

One thing is es­sen­tial, try sav­ing con­tacts the best way that ap­peals to your call de­mand. As long as one knows the caller’s iden­tity of a saved con­tact, the deal is done!

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