Nyako should not over­heat the polity – Ku­raye

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Is Gover­nor Nyako right? Who is the Na­tional Se­cu­rity Ad­viser? Who is De­fence Min­is­ter? Who is Se­nate Pres­i­dent? Who is the Speaker of House of Reps? Who is the Chief Judge of the Fed­er­a­tion? How many Ser­vice Chiefs are from the North? With all these people around, it is only Nyako that knows the truth. Let us be care­ful with what we choose to be­lieve, and be care­ful with politi­cians who have fallen out of favour with their friends and now want to use the re­gion to achieve their self­ish in­ter­ests.


okeu­gok@ya­hoo.com ********************** It is so sad to hear an ig­no­rant, syco­phan­tic and un­pa­tri­otic woman talk like this. Gover­nor Nyako should be com­mended for boldly Please, in the name of Almighty Al­lah, drop this deadly mis­sion, pray fer­vently for the re­lease of the hostages; other­wise, we are go­ing to lose you too.

Nu­rud­deen Abuhu­raira

deen­bash@ya­hoo.com ************************ The temer­ity with which the Govern­ment of Nigeria has of­fered em­bar­rass­ing ex­cuses for its fail­ures is scary and gives a greater sense of in­se­cu­rity than all the cost of ‘in­sur­gency’ so far. Pol­i­tics is a dirty game, but has gone too far here. Are the lives of all my broth­ers and sis­ters worth this shame­less power show? Mil­i­tary in­ter­ven­tion is a laugh, for who will own a dog that does not rec­og­nize ‘Rights and lib­erty are not for the lazy’ - as was stated by Naja’atu Bala Muham­mad. While await­ing the re­sponse of the au­thor­i­ties con­cerned, if any, I do be­lieve that the af­fected Nige­ri­ans should not fold their arms and al­low law­less­ness. The law courts should be points of des­ti­na­tion. Op­er­at­ing with ap­par­ent im­punity should not be tol­er­ated in demo­cratic set­tings.

Ahmed ‘Ibn Lauwal

ahmed­lauwal@ya­hoo.com ************************ Why Nigeria! What have the in­no­cent cit­i­zens done and bravely say­ing the truth and Nige­ri­ans are aware of the truth. The federal govern­ment should stop fu­ellng this mayhem and face its re­spon­si­bil­ity of pro­vid­ing se­cu­rity of lives and property to its cit­i­zens. There is a grand plan to re­duce the pop­u­la­tion of the North and en­trench ab­ject poverty among the north­ern­ers; that is why all these atroc­i­ties are go­ing on with­out any ef­fort from him. Let the politi­cians and pow­ers that be stop in­sult­ing the in­tel­li­gence of Nige­ri­ans and stop this non­sense.


wil­fred­davids@ya­hoo.com ************************ Dear­est women be cau­tious, may God in­ter­vene!

Baba M. N.

babaagaba@gmail.com ************************ Re­cently, ter­ror­ists dis­guis­ing as Fu­la­nis were ar­rested in Wukari as a re­sult of aerial sur­veil­lance by the Air Force. Why can’t the same Air Force sur­vey the for­est where these girls were kept? It is un­for­tu­nate how the Nige­rian Army has turned out.


mm­gaba@ya­hoo.com to you? You should have been there in search of those plant­ing bombs, not to be be­rat­ing and mal­treat­ing the in­no­cents. Don’t you think of what this could cause? Please think well.


aliy­ousu­laiman@ya­hoo.com ************************ These are try­ing times for Nigeria. In the cover of the dark, Boko Haram lurks, un­leash­ing its ter­ror at will. In broad day­light, se­cu­rity per­son­nel, upon whom we have sur­ren­dered our col­lec­tive rights to self pro­tec­tion, bru­tal­ize us at the the govern­ment to com­bat them. But God is greater than ev­ery­one and He is see­ing all that is hap­pen­ing. The pres­i­dent and PDP should bury their heads in shame for fail­ing Nige­ri­ans! I urge Ku­raye to ad­vise her pay­mas­ters to do jus­tice to Nige­ri­ans and stop these atroc­i­ties now.


hamzyj2001@ya­hoo.com ********************** Gover­nor Nyako was per­fectly right. For God’s sake, how long? There’s no pos­i­tive re­sults since emer­gency rule was im­posed in North East. Thus, the only so­lu­tion is to let the govern­ment with­draw the soldiers from the re­gion and let the state be in charge.

Has­san Ab­dul­ra­haman


Women to join search for ab­ducted girls

************************ Our moth­ers, please be pa­tient and cau­tious. Your duty at this time is prayers. We are pray­ing for our beloved chil­dren to be re­turned safely. Though the men have failed you; be ad­vised not to try such risky ven­ture. Don’t take the laws into your hands, trust in God and be­lieve the pres­i­dent and also the mil­i­tary. You are not walk­ing alone; the whole pop­u­lace are with you. CAN has de­clared fast­ing; with time, your chil­dren will be back in your arms. GEJ is not sleep­ing and the whole coun­try too. May our Lord Je­sus Christ touch the minds of the ab­duc­tors in Je­sus name.

Maduka Charles


‘Park & Pay’: FCDA, soldiers go on beat­ing spree

slight­est provo­ca­tion with­out hin­der. Wher­ever you turn to, the air is thick with mis­ery, agony and de­spon­dence. The big ques­tion is, of the two evils, which should we turn to for respite? The rene­gades paid by the state, or the creep­ing crim­i­nals called Boko Haram? I am pos­i­tive that our se­cu­rity agencies have men and women of in­tegrity and to these sets we cry to. Please call your men to or­der! You need us the “bloody civil­ians” to lord over; we are no use to you dead.

M. J. Doko


Gov. Nyako

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