‘Re­move my baby boy’s five-inch TAIL’ ...Distraught mother begs surgeons

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The growth

will have started within Nuo Nuo’s first month in the


Afive-month-old boy has grown a five-inch tail. Nuo Nuo was born with spina bi­fida, a rare spinal de­fect which leaves a gap in the spine. Within days, his mother no­ticed a prom­i­nent tail be­gin­ning to form, which is still steadily in­creas­ing in size.

Distraught, she has im­plored surgeons in Chang­sha, China, to re­move the growth but so far it has been deemed not pos­si­ble.

The growth will have started within Nuo Nuo’s first month in the womb.

In the first four weeks, de­vel­op­ing ba­bies grow a struc­ture called the neu­ral tube. It is this that will even­tu­ally form the spine and ner­vous sys­tem.

In cases of spina bi­fida, the spinal col­umn - the bone that sur­rounds and pro­tects nerves - does not fully close.


The ex­act causes are un­known, but sev­eral risk fac­tors have been iden­ti­fied, the most sig­nif­i­cant be­ing a lack of folic acid be­fore and at the very start of preg­nancy.

It af­fects one preg­nancy in ev­ery 1,000 in Bri­tain.

In most cases surgery can be done to close the de­fect.

How­ever, dam­age to the ner­vous sys­tem will usu­ally al­ready have taken place, re­sult­ing in a range of symp­toms, in­clud­ing paral­y­sis and in­con­ti­nence.

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Nuo Nuo is await­ing surgery in Chang­sha, China, to re­move his five-inch tail caused by a spinal de­fect

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