Baby born with one eye in the mid­dle of his fore­head ...Af­ter his mother ‘was ex­posed to ra­di­a­tion dur­ing preg­nancy’

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Ababy born with one eye in the mid­dle of his fore­head is not ex­pected to sur­vive more than a few days.

Doc­tors be­lieve the new­born boy is suf­fer­ing from cy­clopia - an un­usual med­i­cal con­di­tion named af­ter the one-eyed giants of Greek mythol­ogy - caused by ra­di­a­tion ex­po­sure in the womb.

Cy­clopia is one of the rarest forms of birth de­fects and chil­dren born with this con­di­tion of­ten die shortly af­ter birth.

The sin­gle eye, and miss­ing nose, is a re­sult of the boy's eye sock­ets not form­ing cor­rectly in the womb.

Most ba­bies with this dis­or­der do not sur­vive as they of­ten have other se­vere de­fects, in­clud­ing se­ri­ously mal­formed hearts.

Ac­cord­ing to re­ports from the Saudi Ara­bian news web­site, doc­tors think the de­for­mity could be the re­sult of a com­bi­na­tion of medicines taken by the mother or from ex­po­sure to ra­di­a­tion.

He was born at a pri­vate hos­pi­tal in the north-eastern town of El Sen­bellawein, in Egypt.

Dr Ahmed Badrud­din, who is su­per­vis­ing the baby’s con­di­tion at the hos­pi­tal, said the in­fant was born with other de­for­mi­ties on his body and is only ex­pected to sur­vive a few days.

A heart­break­ing pic­ture of the child has been re­leased by the fam­ily, who are re­ceiv­ing coun­selling.

The dis­or­der may oc­cur as of­ten as four times in 1,000 births but most in most cases, the preg­nancy does not go full term.

It is more com­monly seen in an­i­mals.

The con­di­tion has been named cy­clopia af­ter the myth­i­cal race of law­less gi­ant shep­herds who lived in Si­cily which had a sin­gle large round eye in the cen­tre of their fore­head.

The baby born in Egypt with the rare birth de­fect cy­clopia.

Doc­tors are baf­fled. Have ruled out viruses and al­ler­gies

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