Doc­tors find dead foe­tus in­side boy’s ab­domen ...Af­ter com­plain­ing of stom­ach pains

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Afour-year-old boy who went to hos­pi­tal with stom­ach pain shocked doc­tors when they found a dead foe­tus in­side him.

The lit­tle boy from West Ben­gal, In­dia, was rushed to med­i­cal at­ten­tion over con­cerns he had a tu­mour.

How­ever doc­tors were stunned when an ul­tra­sound and CT scan con­firmed there was a foe­tus in­side the tot’s ab­domen.

An op­er­a­tion on Sun­day suc­cess­fully re­moved the foe­tus, which still had hands, legs, nails and a par­tially formed head.

The rare con­di­tion, known as “foe­tus in fetu”, de­vel­ops when a nor­mal foe­tus is en­veloped by its twin in the uterus.

The boy is be­ing ob­served, but is re­port­edly do­ing well.

In 2012, MailOn­line re­ported on the case of an 11-year-old school­girl who was ad­mit­ted to a hos­pi­tal in China with a third arm sprout­ing out of her back.

She was di­ag­nosed with foe­tus in fetu, and the large mass was re­vealed to be part of an iden­ti­cal twin that had failed to de­velop and had been en­veloped into the body of its sis­ter.

Fur­ther in­ves­ti­ga­tion found it con­sisted of a breast and an arm which in­cluded a shoul­der blade and two fin­gers.

The 'foe­tus in fetu' case of the school­girl in China re­ported in 2012 with a third arm and a breast sprout­ing out of her back (cir­cled).

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