Fash­ion trends that never dis­ap­pear

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Text by Eseohe Eb­hota @sleek_­diva88

The world of fash­ion is a dy­namic one. Trends change and that “in thing” might just go out of fash­ion be­fore you can get your hands on it. How­ever, if you run out of chas­ing all the latest trends, it might be worth­while to in­vest in the ever­green wardrobe essen­tials that never go out of fash­ion. Each sea­son has its own style which ev­ery fash­ion-con­scious lady keeps track of. How­ever it’s not al­ways easy to keep up with fash­ion trends. Now ladies, can you af­ford brush­ing up your en­tire wardrobe ev­ery few months? I bet not all can. To help you keep up with trends in the fash­ion world, I’ll give you a list of a few fash­ion items that never go out of style and would also help you cut costs:

Flo­ral prints: Flo­ral prints are cute, flirty and fem­i­nine hence they are def­i­nitely one of those clothes that never go out of style. They can be used to sew gowns, jump­suits, shirts, trousers, just name it. They can be worn by any­one, any­time and are avail­able in var­i­ous colours, fab­rics, cuts and styles so you re­ally have to look for one that per­fectly com­ple­ments your body and per­son­al­ity type.

Scarves: They come in dif­fer­ent types: Printed, plain, silk, cot­ton - you re­ally can’t have enough of these be­cause they can breathe life into the dullest out­fits and serve as great util­ity items when you want to save your hair from the on­slaught of a bike ride. They can make you look spunky and somber, depend­ing on how you style them.

Sun­glasses: They cover most of your face, but you love them. Not only do these over­sized sun­glasses pro­tect you from the sun but they also hide im­per­fec­tions on your face like dark cir­cles, aw­ful tans, and break­outs. We can say they are “life­savers”. Wear them with any­thing while you look chic and classy.

Fit­ted Jeans: I had to in­clude this be­cause it’s one of my favourite out­fits. They’ll never ever go out of style be­cause these trousers can be worn with any­thing un­der the sun. Ev­ery fash­ion con­scious lady and girl has them in their closet, so there’s no deny­ing that fit­ted jeans aren’t go­ing any­where any­time soon.

Leather Hand­bags: These are great ac­ces­sories as well as re­li­able friends for any busy woman. Leather hand­bags are valu­able fash­ion items both in point of style and when it comes to the fi­nan­cial side. A high qual­ity leather bag can cost a small for­tune, es­pe­cially if you buy it from a rep­utable store.

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