The Saudis’ real ‘sin’ (II)

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To un­der­stand the in­tri­cate pol­i­tics sur­round­ing Iran’s politi­ciza­tion of Mina deadly stam­pede, one has to know the his­tor­i­cal, re­li­gious and ide­o­log­i­cal dy­nam­ics that col­lec­tively de­fine Ira­ni­ans’ at­ti­tudes and in­flu­ence their poli­cies and strate­gies to­wards Hajj, the sta­tus of Makkah, Mad­ina and the other Is­lamic holy sites.

His­tor­i­cally, since the sec­ond rightly guided Caliph, Umar Ibn Al-Khat­tab-led Is­lamic con­quest of the tyran­ni­cal Per­sian Em­pire, which was one of the two most pow­er­ful em­pires in the world then, and even though the Per­sians over­whelm­ingly and will­ingly ac­cepted Is­lam, there re­mained some Per­sian su­prem­a­cist el­e­ments who re­fused to come to terms with the col­lapse of their em­pire at the hands of Mus­lims, and in fact Arabs for that mat­ter, who they had dis­dain­fully looked down on and in­deed dom­i­nated for cen­turies.

Ever since then, Per­sian su­prem­a­cists have con­tin­ued to har­bour ha­tred against Is­lam, and have in fact pur­sued their eth­ni­cally mo­ti­vated agenda with a view to restor­ing the Per­sian dom­i­nance at the ex­pense of Is­lam and Mus­lims. In or­der to achieve this, their early re­li­gious the­o­riz­ers ex­ploited the purely po­lit­i­cal hence man­age­able dif­fer­ences that emerged among some of the Prophet’s right­eous com­pan­ions af­ter his de­par­ture par­tic­u­larly in the wake of the un­for­tu­nate as­sas­si­na­tion of the third rightly guided Caliph, Uth­man bin Af­fan, to fab­ri­cate hun­dreds of thou­sands of nar­ra­tions that fun­da­men­tally con­tra­dict Is­lam, dis­torted and de­lib­er­ately mis­in­ter­preted Qur’anic verses and prophetic Ha­diths. That re­sulted in the emer­gence of their ma­jor re­li­gious books e.g. Al-Kaafi by Al-Ku­laini, At-tahzib and Al-istib­sar, both by Al-Tusy, Man-la yah­du­ruhul-Faqeeh by Ibn Babawaih Al-Qummy, Taf­sir Al-Qummy etc, which are stuffed with nar­ra­tions that couldn’t meet the ba­sic cri­te­ria of ha­dith au­then­ti­ca­tion in Musta­lahul-ha­dith i.e. science of ha­dith. For in­stance, they are de­void of a sin­gle *Sanad mut­tasil* i.e. an un­bro­ken chain of iden­ti­fied and trust­wor­thy nar­ra­tors to the Prophet (pbuh). In fact, NahjulBalaga, which they flaunt as a col­lec­tion of speeches pur­port­edly by the fourth rightly guided Caliph, Ali ibn Abi Talib (R), is par­tic­u­larly un­founded be­cause, con­trary to the other ma­jor books which were col­lected through bro­ken, in­con­sis­tent and un­re­li­able chain of nar­ra­tors, it (i.e. Nahjul-Balaga) is ab­so­lutely de­void of any­thing like that even though there were more than three hun­dred years be­tween the death of Ali ibn Talib and the birth of its au­thor, Ash-Sharif Ar-Radhy.

Any­way, this ex­plains their fol­low­ers’ ridicu­lously ridicu­lous ide­o­log­i­cal be­liefs and wor­ship rit­u­als that ba­si­cally con­tra­dict Is­lam as ex­clu­sively con­tained in the Qur’an and the au­then­tic Prophetic Sun­nah. For in­stance, as far as they are con­cerned, Hajj is not that im­por­tant, to say the least, be­cause, ac­cord­ing to them, pay­ing homage to the grave of Imam Hus­sain ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib (R)) in Kar­bala, Iraq, is much more re­ward­ing than per­form­ing Hajj. In one of their thou­sands of fab­ri­cated nar­ra­tions at­trib­uted to Imam Ja’afar As-sadiq, he was re­ported to have said “*He who pays homage to the grave of Hus­sian on an or­di­nary day (not Eid) be­liev­ing in his (i.e. Hus­sain’s) priv­i­leged sta­tus, Al­lah will give him the same amount of re­ward earned from per­form­ing ac­cepted Hajj and Um­rah twenty times.. And he who pays homage to it on an Eid day, Al­lah will give him the same amount of re­ward earned from per­form­ing ac­cepted Hajj and Um­rah hun­dred times.

More­over, he who pays homage to it on Arafat day be­liev­ing in his (i.e. Hus­sain’s) priv­i­leged sta­tus, Al­lah will give him the same amount of re­ward earned from per­form­ing ac­cepted Hajj and Um­rah one thou­sand times*..” (See Al-Kaafi (Al-furu’u) v1. p324, Man-la yah­du­ruhulFaqeeh, v1 p182, At-tahzeeb, v2 p16 etc). Yet, a par­tic­u­larly ridicu­lous as­ser­tion, which is also falsely at­trib­uted to Imam Ja’afar As-sadiq, summed up their be­liefs in the pur­ported su­pe­ri­or­ity of pay­ing homage to Imam Hus­sain’s grave in Kar­bala, over Hajj. Ac­cord­ing to them, Imam As-sadiq said “*If I should tell you the amount of re­ward earned from pay­ing homage to him (i.e. Hus­sain) and the virtue of his grave, you would im­me­di­ately stop go­ing to Hajj*” (See Buharul-An­war v101 p33, Kaamilu-zzi­yaraat p266).

Be­sides, Kar­bala is, ac­cord­ing to them, su­pe­rior, in virtue and sa­cred­ness, over Makkah, as many of such un­founded nar­ra­tions claim. They claim that Imam Ja’far As-sadiq said “*The land of the* *Ka’abah (i.e. Makkah) once boast­fully won­dered; be­ing the land where the House of Al­lah was built, what else is su­pe­rior **over me, peo­ple come to me from ev­ery deep, nar­row and re­mote val­ley, and I was made Al­lah’ sa­cred land and safe. Al­lah im­me­di­ately sent a rev­e­la­tion to it that; you keep quiet; your virtue com­pared to the su­pe­rior virtue of Kar­bala is merely like the amount of wa­ter that clings to the nee­dle when dipped into the sea and re­moved. If not for the soil of Kar­bala I wouldn’t have at­tached any virtue to you, and if not for what Kar­bala con­tains (the body of Imam Hus­sain) I wouldn’t have cre­ated you or what you are proud of (i.e. the Ka’aba), so re­main as a meek, hum­ble and hu­mil­i­ated sub­servient not ar­ro­gant to­wards the land of Kar­bala, oth­er­wise I will dis­fig­ure you and plunge you into the hell fire*” (See Mus­tadrakul-wasa’il v10 p322, Bi­harul-An­war v101 p109).

Though there are other so-called sa­cred cities in their be­liefs e.g. Qum, Najaf etc, and con­sid­er­ing how they dis­dain­fully rate Makkah, which is the holi­est city in Is­lam, one can imag­ine how they rate Mad­i­nah and Al-Quds cities, be­ing the sec­ond and the third of the only three holy cities in Is­lam, re­spec­tively.

To be con­cluded….

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