Woman’s eye sealed shut af­ter friend mis­takes glue for eye drops

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An un­lucky woman who glued her eye shut af­ter her friend mis­took glue for eye drops is fi­nally get­ting the med­i­cal treat­ment she needs.

Kather­ine Gay­dos of Lan­tana, Florida, got a piece of de­bris in her eye while blow­ing leaves last week, lo­cal news sta­tion WPBF has re­ported. She called to a friend for help, but in­stead of com­ing back with eye drops, the friend re­turned with a small bot­tle of fin­ger­nail glue -- a prod­uct that can be used to ap­ply ar­ti­fi­cial nails or tips.

"As soon as I felt it in my eye, I felt it burn, and I closed my eye and screamed 'Call 911,'" she told WPBF-TV.

But when Gay­dos first spoke with the sta­tion, eight days af­ter the ac­ci­dent, her eye was still stuck shut. She told the out­let that a doc­tor had given her an­tibi­otics and an oint­ment, but wouldn’t treat her any fur­ther be­cause she didn’t have the money to pay him.

Af­ter her story made the news, how­ever, Gay­dos told WBPF that the doc­tor’s of­fice called her and told her to come back in. Then, a dif­fer­ent doc­tor got her eye open and made a fu­ture ap­point­ment to scrape the re­main­ing glue off her cornea. She ex­pects to have no per­ma­nent dam­age.

The Palm Beach Eye Cen­ter in Lake Worth, where WPBF noted Gay­dos had re­ceived treat­ment, told The Huff­in­g­ton Post they were un­able to com­ment on a pa­tient with­out a med­i­cal re­lease.

Eyes get­ting glued shut doesn’t ap­pear to be as un­com­mon as one would hope. Dr. Pankaj Gupta, as­sis­tant pro­fes­sor of oph­thal­mol­ogy at Case Western Re­serve Univer­sity, told ABC News he’s seen mul­ti­ple cases of this hap­pen­ing.

If you do ac­ci­den­tally wind up seal­ing your eye­lid with glue, Gupta said, “don’t panic.” Peo­ple in this sit­u­a­tion should im­me­di­ately go see an eye doc­tor, he said, but shouldn’t be too con­cerned about los­ing their sight per­ma­nently.

To that ad­vice, we’d only add: Stop keep­ing the glue near your eye drops!

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Kather­ine Gay­dos’ eye was shut af­ter friend mis­took glue for eye drops

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