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Text by Eseohe Eb­hota @sleek_ diva88

Roasted Plan­tain (known as Bole in lo­cal par­lance) is a favourite street food in Nige­ria. This del­i­cacy is avail­able in street cor­ners and what makes it liked by peo­ple ir­re­spec­tive of their cul­tural or eth­nic back­ground is the fact that bole is just plantains with­out the ad­di­tion of oils or any­thing else roasted for a snack (or meal).

It is hot, smoky, sweet and so good for you which is why I de­cided to write about it to­day. Plantains have var­ied tastes and tex­ture as they move through the stages of ripeness.

A bole seller known as mama Smallie who deals in roasted yams and plan­tain said peo­ple buy her plantains more than the yam be­cause of its nu­tri­tional value. “My bole gives me more money than the yam be­cause my cus­tomers told me that it has more health ben­e­fits”.

One of her cus­tomers who sim­ply gave his name as Baba told YOUTHVILLE that al­though he eats roasted yam, “I still pre­fer the plan­tain be­cause I be­lieve it has more health ben­e­fits than the yam”.

“It is even sweeter than roasted yam too”, he mused.

They are a great source of starch and en­ergy with a good dose of di­etary fi­bre, vi­ta­min C, vi­ta­mins A and B and min­er­als such as potas­sium, iron and phos­pho­rus.

So my peo­ple, make una try chop bole this week­end even if una go party!! (Pid­gin)

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