Can a woman feel com­plete with­out her makeup?

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It has been ob­served that th­ese days’ women around the world are ob­sessed with look­ing dif­fer­ent from their nat­u­ral selves with the aid of makeup.

Re­cent find­ings have re­vealed that look­ing beau­ti­ful doesn’t nec­es­sary mean us­ing ar­ti­fi­cial oint­ments to en­hance one’s nat­u­ral looks for a cer­tain limit of time but en­tails hav­ing a beau­ti­ful dis­pen­sa­tion both in­wards and out­wards.

Makeup cen­tres are now be­com­ing a hive of busi­ness for the op­er­a­tors, charg­ing hun­dreds and thou­sands of naira to help beau­tify women and men.

How­ever, to many men who lit­er­ar­ily are the main rea­son why women in­dulge in beau­ti­fy­ing them­selves by us­ing makeup, this is­sue should be thought about and talked about.

Most men be­lieve that we live in a cul­ture that ob­jec­ti­fies women, view­ing them as fig­ures to be ad­mired, above all to be adored.

It is ap­par­ent that ev­ery woman you meet who wears makeup is likely to know the time and ef­fort in­volved in ap­ply­ing sev­eral lay­ers of makeup to look good.

Some peo­ple spend an hour ev­ery morn­ing ap­ply­ing lay­ers of foundation, eye shadow, lip­stick, and blush just to look ex­tra or­di­nar­ily beau­ti­ful, for just a brief mo­ment or the whole day.

The ques­tion here is, do women feel com­plete with­out their makeup?

Hauwa Uba Yusuf, a civil ser­vant said, makeup de­pends on ev­ery in­di­vid­ual’s in­ter­pre­ta­tion of the con­cept.

Ac­cord­ing to her over-de­pen­dence on makeup can make a woman lose her self-con­fi­dence to the ex­tent of feel­ing in­com­plete when she is caught with­out it.

She added that the most an­noy­ing is­sue about us­ing makeup is that it has helped a lot of women hide their faults. “Women th­ese days fail to un­der­stand the rea­son for makeup, they tend to be­lieve that look­ing dif­fer­ent for a cer­tain time means look­ing beau­ti­ful; and what about your nat­u­ral looks which you will wear to the end of your life?” Hauwa asked.

How­ever, some women take five min­utes to daub on some con­cealer and a bit of mas­cara to look pre­sentable when cir­cum­stances de­mand it.

Miss Rita Uwanni who is a banker said she wears makeup to work be­cause it is com­mon among women, “I wear makeup to work be­cause I have this in com­mon with most women, re­gard­less of pro­fes­sion. Af­ter all, it is in a male dom­i­nated en­vi­ron­ment and I guess one needs to look good,” she said. How­ever, ac­cord­ing to a cos­met­ics dealer, Ibrahim Adam, “Try as they might, women sim­ply can­not avoid us­ing makeup. A dash of face pow­der, a streak of lip gloss and the per­fect sweep of eye­liner are part of their daily morn­ing wakeup rou­tines, with­out which, they look and feel in­com­plete.

“Let me tell you this, no woman will ever be­lieve that she is ugly or bashed. Their con­fi­dence lies in their makeup and they give them­selves com­pli­ments even if no one cares to,” said Adam.

“This over-de­pen­dence on makeup is per­haps the root of some prob­lems be­ing ex­pe­ri­enced th­ese days es­pe­cially by cou­ples. The truth un­for­tu­nately is that a woman can­not look good if she misses out on a cer­tain cos­metic or runs out of it. To some spin­sters, it is ac­tu­ally bet­ter to skip go­ing out if they don’t have their makeup with them, or they had no time to ap­ply their makeup,” he added.

Ac­cord­ing to 23-year-old Amina Babakura, a med­i­cal aes­thetic who is a Nige­rian based in Canada and also the CEO of Min­tus Cre­ation, makeup is a never-end­ing search for beauty among women.

She said that it isn’t un­com­mon for peo­ple to con­sume up to 10 dif­fer­ent prod­ucts daily, thereby ex­pos­ing them­selves to con­sid­er­able amounts of germs and harm­ful tox­ins found therein.

“Nowa­days, we use all of th­ese cos­metic prod­ucts with harsh chem­i­cals in them for one rea­son or the other with­out know­ing what they do to our skin. Many of us use th­ese prod­ucts to treat skin prob­lems like acne, blem­ishes, wrin­kles, stretch marks and so on,” she said.

She ex­plained that na­ture has given us so much nat­u­ral things that peo­ple can use to treat th­ese skin trou­bles, adding that most if not all of th­ese prob­lems at a more con­ve­nient time, with lesser side ef­fects, and at a cheaper cost than all the cos­metic brands out there. “Per­son­ally, I grew up to have an acne prone skin, which was quite an­noy­ing and frus­trat­ing,

Un­for­tu­nately, the harm­ful ef­fects of makeup aren’t just lim­ited to health and skin-re­lated is­sues, there are also other so­ciore­li­gious ef­fects re­lated to it.

“There is this story about a bride who was about to be taken to her groom’s home. The bride in ques­tion wore an ex­pen­sive makeup that made her look 10 years younger and part of the rules given to her was that she should not al­low wa­ter touch her face for at least two days. “The makeup is said to have cost her fam­ily a for­tune. How­ever when it was time to say her prayer, her mother kept re­mind­ing her about her makeup and at last the bride de­cided to say her prayers and damn the con­se­quences.

“Be­fore she left to say her prayers, she told her mother that, what­ever it takes, say­ing her prayers is far bet­ter than all the makeup in the world. Af­ter min­utes of her de­par­ture to say her prayers, the bride did not re­turn and the mother went to see what was tak­ing her so long; and be­hold! The bride was dis­cov­ered dead pros­trat­ing be­fore her creator.

“What would have hap­pened had she de­cided not to say her prayers but chose to re­tain her ex­pen­sive makeup to re­main beau­ti­ful for two days? Re­li­gion may not frown at beau­ti­fi­ca­tion ef­fort by wom­en­folk, but when it as­sumes the sta­tus of an ob­ses­sion, it be­comes a prob­lem,” she said.

Amina Musa Ibrahim, a hair dress­ing saloon op­er­a­tor, said, “Ac­tu­ally, I feel in­com­plete with­out makeup even though I know it is just a tem­po­rary thing. We al­ways want to be no­ticed and ad­mired ir­re­spec­tive of what it takes, more­over men ad­mire good look­ing women even if their looks are fake.”

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