Don’t kill your­self try­ing to look good

Daily Trust - - HOME FRONT - By Sher­i­fat Amako with agency re­port

“Beauty is pain”, the say­ing is not an idle con­cept. Suf­fo­cat­ing corsets, pre­car­i­ous walks in high heels, eye­brow waxes that leave our faces red, body pierc­ing, tat­too­ing and risky plas­tic surg­eries are proof that we tend to treat our bod­ies like clay that can be trans­formed into any form we want. The fol­low­ing are the five com­mon fash­ion trends that are haz­ardous to our health: Many women wear high heels with­out giv­ing it a sec­ond thought. How­ever it’s im­por­tant to re­mem­ber that high heels can be very re­stric­tive in ad­di­tion to per­ma­nently harm­ing ones feet. High heels re­strict one’s abil­ity to run if caught in a dan­ger­ous sit­u­a­tion and if worn ex­ten­sively detri­men­tal to one’s health. High heels gen­er­ally cause foot pain af­ter an hour, and can cause bone and nerve dam­age, re­stricted cir­cu­la­tion and dam­aged joints and ten­dons. Not to men­tion, fall­ing and trip­ping in high heels can cause sprained or bro­ken an­kles and scraped knees. If you’re try­ing to dress up with heels, a bloody knee and bro­ken an­kles prob­a­bly aren’t the best ac­ces­sories.

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