We’re pro­duc­ing Faro 60 for 2015/16 dry sea­son farm­ers …it gives 8 tonnes per hectare

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Cap­i­tal Agri­cul­tural De­vel­op­ment, a pri­mary seed com­pany has show­cased in the ex­hi­bi­tion arena, va­ri­eties of var­i­ous seeds, which in­ter­est par­tic­i­pants.

An agronomist with the or­gan­i­sa­tion, Joshua Joseph,who pre­sented some of the prod­ucts, said they are into pro­duc­tion of high qual­ity seeds, adding that they col­lab­o­rate with re­search in­sti­tutes for de­vel­op­ing high breed va­ri­eties par­tic­u­larly with IITA, in Ibadan and IAR in Zaria.

The seed com­pany has about 15,000 hectares of land in Kwali, Abuja. In those 15,000 hectares of land, they pro­duce im­proved va­ri­eties, qual­ity seeds for dif­fer­ent geopo­lit­i­cal zones of Nige­ria.

They show­cased TGX 1448-2E of soya beans, non-shat­ter­ing, higher in milk con­tent and very good for feed for­mu­la­tion. They also have X-Kano and X-Katsina, which are sorghum va­ri­eties, good for the sa­van­nah and dry sa­van­nah belt, which also have a good malt­ing qual­ity.

“Some­times, the malt you take, they are not malt per se and they are from this high sorghum va­ri­eties, ”he said

Also show­cased were some rice va­ri­eties and some yel­low and white maize va­ri­eties.

“In re­la­tion to in­gem­i­nat­ing seeds, here what we do, un­like other crops va­ri­eties, we in­di­cate them, the du­ra­tion of days each of the va­ri­eties takes. So you look at your geo-po­lit­i­cal zone, you look at your rain­fall pat­tern, you know how many days-If the days in your area is a short, like Yobe, you don’t go for those va­ri­eties which have longer du­ra­tion. For ex­am­ple,Yobe might just have 90 days du­ra­tion and if a farmer buys the ones that take 120 days, cer­tainly it will not per­form,” the agron­o­mists stated.

Joseph also added that: “if we want to send some va­ri­eties to Yobe, we look for draught tol­er­ant va­ri­eties, string tol­er­ant va­ri­eties and early ma­tur­ing va­ri­eties. Th­ese are shorter va­ri­eties but with high yield­ing abil­ity.”

For rice they have faro 44, which is a medium term va­ri­eties, faro 52, which is a long sea­son va­ri­eties but higher in yield than faro 44.

They brouth in an­other va­ri­ety called faro 60 which has high yield but re­quire longer rain du­ra­tion.

“We now ad­vo­cate for those who are un­der ir­ri­ga­tion to do that. The yield it can give up to 8 tonnes per a hectare which is up to 80 bags un­like the faro 44 which gives you 4 to 5 tonnes per hectares,” the seed com­pany noted.

Cur­rently they are al­ready or­ga­niz­ing for dry sea­son seed pro­duc­tion of faro 60 for the 2015/16 dry sea­son.

“But we may not be able to pro­duce for ev­ery­body for now. But we are go­ing to ex­pand through­out-grower scheme,” he said.

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