Nu­rul Bayan event harps on strat­egy of Hi­jrah

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The 11th Muhar­ram 1437 which is equiv­a­lent to the 25th of Oc­to­ber, 2015 would re­main mem­o­rable in the minds of the stu­dents of Nu­rul Bayan In­ter­na­tional Academy, as the school cel­e­brated its Hi­jrah day with at­trac­tive and ed­uca­tive pro­grammes aimed at con­sci­en­tis­ing the pub­lic on the im­por­tance of the mi­gra­tion of the Holy Prophet peace be upon him from Makkah to Mad­i­nah.

High­lights of the events in­cluded recita­tion from the Holy Qur’an, ad­dress by the ex­ec­u­tive di­rec­tor of the school, Ha­jiya Maryam Ta­han, pre­sen­ta­tion of Is­lamic songs and po­ems, lec­tures and drama among oth­ers.

The Ex­ec­u­tive Di­rec­tor of Nu­rul Bayan In­ter­na­tional Academy and pro­pri­etor of the school, Ha­jiya Maryam Muham­mad Ta­han, harped on im­por­tance of Mus­lims know­ing about Is­lamic mi­gra­tion.

She said the mi­gra­tion of the Prophet from Makkah to Mad­ina has many lessons for Mus­lims to learn from and abide by.

She how­ever said some Mus­lims take the Hi­jra lessons for granted and there­fore didn’t even bother to teach their chil­dren the ra­tio­nale be­hind it.

“It is very im­por­tant to the Mus­lims to look at the his­tory of Is­lam and see how the Prophet strug­gled to prop­a­gate the Is­lamic re­li­gion. We should also look at the po­lit­i­cal, so­cioe­co­nomic and reli­gious as­pects of the mi­gra­tion. Un­for­tu­nately, the Mus­lim ummah take it for granted,” she said.

Ac­cord­ing to her, that is the ma­jor rea­son why some peo­ple were ac­cus­ing Mus­lims for be­ing il­lit­er­ate about their re­li­gion.

She in­sisted that if Mus­lims could em­u­late the Prophet and prac­tice his teach­ing ac­cord­ingly they would re­solve the chal­lenges fac­ing them in the world.

In his lecture ti­tled ‘The Im­pact of Hi­jrah on Is­lamic His­tory: Rel­e­vance and Lessons’, em­i­nent Is­lamic scholar and univer­sity don, Dr. Gabardeen A. Wa­siu, ob­served that lack unity among Mus­lims was the ma­jor chal­lenge fac­ing Mus­lim com­mu­nity in the coun­try.

Dr. Wa­siu a se­nior lec­turer in the Fac­ulty of Ed­u­ca­tion in the Univer­sity of Abuja, said that Hi­jra was not pe­cu­liar to Prophet Muham­mad, peace be upon him, alone.

He added that many prophets of Al­lah like Ibrahim and Musa, peace be upon them, mi­grated to other places.

Ac­cord­ing to him, the ma­jor rea­son of their hi­jra (mi­gra­tion) was due to per­se­cu­tion and mo­lesta­tion by the un­be­liev­ers played a very vi­tal role in the of Is­lam. suc­cess­ful mi­gra­tion from

He said that the Prophet Makkah to Mad­i­nah. Muham­mad peace be upon He cited ex­am­ple with him mi­grated based on Asma’u, the daugh­ter Abuthe in­struc­tion from God Bakr Sid­diq that Prophet gave Almighty. her re­spon­si­bil­ity to mon­i­tor

He es­tab­lished that if not for what was go­ing on in Makkah the Hi­jrah of the Prophet the and re­port to him. re­li­gion could have not been But he lamented the way spread to the en­tire world. and man­ner Mus­lims women

He en­joined Mus­lims were treated in the so­ci­ety. to em­u­late the strate­gic He in­sisted that women were plan­ning, and tol­er­ance of pre­cious and very im­por­tant in Hi­jrah. de­ci­sion mak­ing in Is­lam.

Ac­cord­ing to him, some of He how­ever, ap­pealed that hi­jrah lessons in­clude that women should be given their the Prophet tried to cre­ate right­ful po­si­tion as pro­vided good re­la­tion­ship be­tween in Is­lam for the de­vel­op­ment com­pan­ions and God by of Is­lam as well as the build­ing a mosque, bring­ing de­vel­op­ment for the na­tion. in­te­gra­tion among those who Ac­cord­ing to him, lack of fol­lowed him from Makkah unity among Mus­lims was and those who are in Mad­i­nah the ma­jor chal­lenge fac­ing by match­ing them to­gether Mus­lims in the coun­try. so that love and brother­hood “Our ma­jor prob­lem is unity. could ra­di­ate among them, We are not united. Ev­ery­body es­tab­lish­ing rules and is de­fend­ing his tribe and his reg­u­la­tions that would small as­so­ci­a­tion. All th­ese bring peace­ful co-ex­is­tence things will not lead us to be­tween Mus­lims and nonany­where. We should come Mus­lims, cre­at­ing eco­nomic to­gether un­der one um­brella to re­la­tion­ship by try­ing to achieve the de­sired goal. Unity en­sure that what they sell in is the key to any suc­cess”. He the mar­ket was qual­i­ta­tive, said. af­ford­able and con­trol­lable. He lamented the high rate

Other lessons in­cluded, of lack love, brother­hood, en­sur­ing se­cu­rity by peace­ful co-ex­is­tence sin­cer­ity es­tab­lish­ing “Baraya” se­cu­rity among Mus­lims in the coun­try. sys­tem to pro­tect the ter­ri­tory The stu­dents of the sec­ondary and the Mus­lim dur­ing the sec­tion staged a drama show time of the prayer. to en­lighten the pub­lic on the

He said if Mus­lims were able im­por­tance of Hi­jra in Is­lam. to em­u­late and prac­tice th­ese The drama in­cluded the lessons they would be on top ‘Tor­ture and ag­gres­sion;, of the world and be­come ‘Mi­gra­tion to Abyssinia’, ‘ The stronger na­tion. Boy­cott Agree­ment’ and ‘ The Mad­i­nah’Adramap­re­sent­ed­bythes­tu­dents.He­ex­plainedthat­wom­en­greatHi­jrahto.

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