Mys­tery tree that ‘bears fruit in the shape of WOMEN’

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As­trange tree grow­ing in Thai­land ap­pears to bear fruit in the ex­act shape of a young woman and it’s baf­fling the in­ter­net.

But while many are amazed by the shape of the green fruits, oth­ers are less con­vinced by the con­fus­ing footage.

In Bud­dhist mythol­ogy, a tree known as the Na­riphon bears the fruit of young fe­male crea­tures and is said to grow in the myth­i­cal for­est called Himaphan.

The story goes that Bud­dhist God In­dra built a home in the for­est for his wife Ves­san­tara and his two chil­dren

But when Ves­san­tara went out into the for­est to col­lect food, she was in dan­ger of being at­tacked by ter­ri­fy­ing male crea­tures.

In­dra then cre­ated 12 spe­cial Na­riphon trees which would bear fruit in his wife’s image to dis­tract the crea­tures while she picked her own food.

The men would take these fruits back to their homes and af­ter mak­ing love to them would sleep for four months, and lose their pow­ers.

Ac­cord­ing to Thai folk­lore, af­ter In­dra and his wife died, the trees con­tin­ued to bear fruit.

There are ru­moured to be two Na­riphon pods in a Bud­dhist tem­ple near Bangkok

Gifts in­spired by the Na­riphon girls are now sold widely through­out Thai­land, lead­ing to many hoaxes. Culled from mir­

The fruit ap­pears to be grow­ing on a tree in Thai­land

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