Omoluwa un­folds se­crets to hit­ting the ball ‘fat’

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Sir Lucky Omoluwa used to be a fore­most pro­fes­sional golfer be­fore he be­came an A-list busi­ness ty­coon who presently sits atop Pin­na­cle Com­mu­ni­ca­tions.

As Res­i­dent Pro of the Kaduna Golf Club in those early years, Omoluwa sub­tly co­erced peo­ple, es­pe­cially those in the mil­i­tary to play the game. When he suc­ceeded in bring­ing in some­thing close to a mul­ti­tude to the course, a fresh cri­sis erupted.

Those who wanted to play did not have the equip­ment to play with. Omoluwa, who at the mo­ment was a mem­ber of the Board of Trustees of the IBB Golf Club, quickly rose to the chal­lenge. He sim­ply or­dered for 40 Dun­lop golf sets so that those who wanted to play could have an un­fet­tered ac­cess to the game.

There­after, Omoluwa moved deeper into the game. He quickly joined with em­i­nent peo­ple to en­sure the birth of three golf courses - the one at the Com­mand School in Jaji, the one at the Nige­ria De­fence Academy and the Minna Golf Club. Then he felt sat­is­fied he has done his bit for the game he holds with high pas­sion.

These days, Sir Lucky will saunter around the fair­ways of the IBB Golf Club in Abuja and swal­low all the fresh­ness of that course and in fact the nat­u­ral air a well laid course could bring forth. All of a sud­den, and in­deed out of nowhere, he would show some signs of pains when he sees golfers suf­fer­ing on the fair­ways just be­cause they could not im­bibe lit­tle se­crets that make the game such fun.

He is in­deed hor­ri­fied that the sim­plest thing in golf that is driv­ing it long, is still be­ing fluffed by so many golfers. He moved to cor­rect this by un­fold­ing se­crets be­hind long drives.

Hear him: “It’s so sim­ple to hit a shot fat or long, all you have to do is to catch the ball in the cen­ter of the clubface, and it will go far. This is be­cause the cen­ter of the face is where max­i­mum en­ergy trans­fer oc­curs. The easy way to hit the sweet spot is to “main­tain your lev­els. As you swing to the top of your backswing, your eyes, shoul­ders and hips must each es­tab­lish a plane in space. They syn­chro­nize and ro­tate within their own plane, which it­self op­er­ates in­side the larger plane cre­ated by your swing.

“If in your down­swing you sig­nif­i­cantly shift any of those three ar­eas off plane, you’ll “lose your level,” which moves the clubhead closer or far­ther away from your body, lead­ing to mis-hits. The most com­mon ways to lose your lev­els in the down­swing in­clude ex­ces­sively slid­ing your hips, dip­ping either shoul­der, or turn­ing your up­per body too early. To ef­fec­tively main­tain your level, en­vi­sion an align­ment stick ex­tend­ing through the top of your head and out the bot­tom of your spine at ad­dress.

“Your goal: swing your hips, shoul­ders, eyes and club around the stick, from start to fin­ish. Prac­tice with­out a club at first; fold your arms a cross your chest, and sim­ply ro­tate your shoul­ders, hips, swings with a club, then full swings. You’ll soon see-and feel -more ball speed off the face, and more me­tres.”

Sir Lucky Omoluwa

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