Help me! Man is mobbed by a pack of mon­keys

Daily Trust - - DIGEST -

Who­ever said rules were meant to be broken has clearly never ig­nored signs in­struct­ing tourists not to feed the mon­keys. This hap­less man learnt it the hard way when he at­tempted to hand out snacks to the mon­keys. A pic­ture has emerged on­line of what looks like a tourist be­ing swarmed by the furry crea­tures. Sur­rounded by the rem­nants of a bag of treats, the mon­keys clam­our to grab some food, with some of the braver ones even climb­ing onto the man’s head. In the photo, which ap­peared on Red­dit, just part of the man’s shorts and T-shirt can been seen through the wall of furry limbs.

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